About last Sunday’s “The Walking Dead” ****MAJOR SPOILERS****

I was going to talk about last Sunday’s “Walking Dead” shocker, but I didn’t want to talk about spoilers right away, so I waited a few days. I’ll talk about the topic with a Spoiler warning.

*******************************************SPOILERS BELOW********************************

I’m not surprised they killed off Lori. I’ve always hated that character ever since she first appeared on the show. I’m not the one to talk like this to women, but she was a real bitch and a cunt. She treated Rick and Carl both like crap ever since they reunited with Rick in Season 1. Lying to them about her affair with Shane and all kinds of stuff. Plus, Lori was a loudmouth drama queen. Almost complaining and whining about everything, if things don’t go her way. She even treated Shane like garbage too. Not only this character was annoying, her speaking voice was horrible and she’s not that good looking, anyway. Good riddance. They should have killed her off a long time ago.

Although, I disagree with them killing off, T-Dog. They should have kept his story going. I wanted T-Dog to live and cross path with Merle again. T-Dog left the key to Merle’s cuffs on the roof of that building, and I wanted Merle to be able to confront T-Dog about it. Would have been a cool storyline, but that’s not gonna happen now.

Anyway, I’m liking Season 3 so far. I’m glad they’re using Merle more. Glad Merle is getting more screen time. Michael Rooker is a talented actor, I’ve always admired him. I can’t wait for Merle and Daryl to go face to face for the first time. Plus, the Governor is a great character. I like what they’re doing with Andrea and Michonne too.

This Season is getting pretty interesting.


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