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“The Walking Dead” to end at a two part 11th season and will have two more spinoff shows… interesting…

As a huge fan of the Walking Dead, I’m actually excited for this. “The Walking Dead”, the AMC’s hit horror/drama show will end at Season 11 with a two part season. The final two-part season will be a total of 24 episodes.

I kind of predicted that the show will end real soon since Andrew Lincoln left and the show can’t survive without him. The main TWD show is ending soon probably ’cause of declining ratings? Probably. I think Andrew Lincoln will return as Rick Grimes for the two part 11th season, though. There will be a point somewhere in that show where Rick will reunite with Michonne, Daryl and Carol and the rest of the gang that are still left.

This won’t be the end of TWD completely, though ’cause AMC just announced two more spinoff shows. They just announced that Daryl and Carol are getting their own spinoff show that will star them so that’s a clear sign that AMC don’t plan on killing off those two characters in Season 11. Seems like Norman Reedus isn’t done playing Daryl yet ’cause he seems to love that character and is dedicated to playing that character. Another spinoff show is called “Tales of the Walking Dead” which will feature new characters and new stories.


It’s going to be interesting to see how the show is going to end at Season 11. I wouldn’t be surprised that when they brick Rick Grimes back, they actually kill him off this time… it’ll be the perfect way to end the show.

What about Negan? The character Negan played by the great Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a good-guy on the show but I think we haven’t seen the last of evil and murderous Negan. I think evil Negan will comeback before the show gets off the air. The reason Negan was turned to good ’cause evil Negan turned off a lot of fans but I loved evil Negan, though. The evil Negan was very dark and he was a good villain you really wanted to hate and despise. Evil Negan was short but I think he’ll make a true return. That should be the way the show should end, in my opinion. Rick Grimes vs. Negan the rematch??? I’m all for it. Negan tries to reform the Saviors and gets even more power.

Even though I’m all caughtup with the Walking Dead on Netflix, I’m still waiting for Season 10 to get on there. I’ll also get around to watching the other Walking Dead spin-off, “Fear of the Walking Dead” sometime.

Don’t be surprised that the rest of the Walking Dead main show could kill off more important characters like Michonne. They could finally kill of Maggie too. Aaron is another character I can see getting killed off. What about the character, Morgan? Him too… I think the actor who plays Morgan whose name is Lennie Jones will come back to Season 11, yes.

I remember when TWD started, I bailed after Season 3 and stopped watching then I got back into it on Netflix ’cause I wanted to see the Negan character. Yes, the Negan character definitely got me watching again and glad I got back into it.


Just starting Season 7 of “The Walking Dead” and the show is getting real good… Negan best thing to happen on the show? YES, I would say!!!

Man, I’m so glad that I’ve gotten back into watching “The Walking Dead” after bailing on the show after Season 3. Now I wished I never bailed. The show is really great. Probably the best show on cable TV right now.

I’ve gotten back into the show ’cause this character Negan has been catching a lot of internet buzz lately and that’s what drew me back into the show. I’ve gotten so much to catch upon with the “Walking Dead” so I decided to start from the very beginning from Season 1 and make my way all the way up to Season 9 on Netflix. Season 10 isn’t on Netflix yet since it’s currently airing on cable TV still.

I’ve just started “Season 7” this week and this Negan character is just starting to appear. Even though I’ve only seen two episodes with this Negan character in it, I’m already loving the character and now I can see why this character sparked a lot of internet buzz. Why? It’s because the actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays the character so fucking well. Yup, Jeffrey Dean plays the character so amazingly well that I think it’s award worthy for sure. No wonder this character has gotten popular so fast! Even though Negan is a villain, he is entertaining as hell and actually very like-able!

I think the stuff with The Governor was really good as I thought David Morrisey did a good job playing him but I think Negan is the best villain of the show. Toward the end of Season 6 and the start of Season 7, the show “Walking Dead” will start to get very dark and really intense. It’s really insane stuff.

I’ve stopped buying the “Walking Dead” books but I’m gonna have to get back into those too.

My question is how much longer the “Walking Dead” show is gonna go on for AMC? I learned that Andrew Lincoln who plays Rick Grimes finally quit the show after all these years. I think it could go on for a few more seasons, either that or 10 might be the final one, not sure.

The show is real great, though. Negan is the best thing to happen on it… did Jeffrey Dean win an award for that role yet? If not, he really should ’cause that’s an award worthy performance. Man, that’s some damn good acting.

I’m gonna have to take a break from watching “The Walking Dead” for a little while ’cause I have other things to watch this weekend ’cause I’m gonna start “Game of Thrones – Season 8” tonight and I’m planning on starting “The Witcher” on Netflix at some point.


Am I the only one who hates the “Walking Dead” TV show? Read the books, they are way better!!!

I thought the first two seasons of the “Walking Dead” TV show on AMC was really good but I stopped watching after season 3. I think the show is a bit overrated to me now and the writing is mediocre at best. Why did I quit watching the show? Pretty much I was disappointed with the storylines of the Governor and Michonne. Both really good characters that the show ruined, in my opinion. The Governor in the books was supposed to be this character you really wanted to hate but the Governor for the TV show? Not so much. The Michonne story was weak too. That’s why I stopped watching after season 3. Even if I haven’t been watching the Walking Dead after that, I still wasn’t impressed with the show. Even though I don’t watch the show anymore, I know everything that’s going on ’cause the internet is always talking about the show and spoiling things for everyone so I don’t really need to watch the show to know what’s going on. Everybody loves the show so much and thinks the show is addicting to them but I don’t know. I don’t like it anymore. I prefer the books better.

If you like zombies, fuck the “Walking Dead”. There are way better zombie stuff out there in the movies like all the George A. Romero films. How much do you want to bet that most “Walking Dead” fans haven’t even seen the original “Night of the Living Dead”, the black and white version? What about other zombie films like “28 Days/Weeks Later”, “Dawn of the Dead”, “White Zombie” and much more.

The “Walking Dead” show is horrible right now. Just my opinion. I hope they kill off Daryl ’cause to be honest, I’m probably one of the very few who hates that character. Another reason I stopped watching.

Even though I stopped watching “Walking Dead”, I’m still a “Game of Thrones” fan though… I still watch GOT.


Will I watch the new Walking Dead season in Oct??? I’m thinking about giving up on this show…

I’ll admit it that I was very disappointed with the last season of the Walking Dead. The writing has gotten really bad… even Daryl couldn’t save the show. Last time I checked, this is supposed to be, “The Walking Dead”. Not “The Suck Daryl Dixon’s Dick” show. The whole point of the books were the stories which is what the show is missing. All the craziness of Daryl Dixon is overshadowing the storytelling part of the show. Crazy stupid and pretentious fans. Daryl wasn’t a character in the books and the stories can get really good without him. The books were so much better than the lame TV show. Even if the writing is bad, the makers at AMC are doing whatever it takes to give Daryl a lot of screen time so they can keep the show on the air. Daryl is what keeps the show going. Without him, the show’s ratings will tank and it’ll cancel mid-season probably. So they are probably never gonna kill Daryl off. If they do, I can see angry fans starting petitions or starting rallies to bring Daryl back. Don’t get me wrong. Norman Reedus is a fantastic actor and Daryl is a cool character but they really need to focus on the stories.

I was also disappointed with the direction of the Michonne and Andrea storyline went to last year. Rick going all psychotic and weird was pretty lame as well. Also, The Governor is not menacing enough. If you read the books, you would see that the Governor is a lot more nastier and even more menacing.

Not sure if I’ll continue to watch the “Walking Dead” this year.

At least the writing for “Breaking Bad” and “Dexter” has gotten really good this year. Those two shows are pretty strong. “The Walking Dead” however, has gone way downhill for me. Maybe I’ll try to watch the first couple of episodes this season but if I see they haven’t improved, I’ll stop watching then. It just gotten really boring.


Walking Dead – Season 3 finale *****MAJOR SPOILERS*****

I just want to talk about last night’s “Walking Dead” Season 3 finale, a little bit, but with spoilers, of course.




*****************************MAJOR SPOILERS**************************************




Last night’s episode, kind of proves my point that people don’t turn into walkers with bite marks, you turn no matter how you die. Rick may have already told everyone that everyone is infected with the virus, but try to remember, that’s all he told them. He never really told people how they turn when they die. When Andrea was found laying on the floor with bite marks all over her neck, covered in blood, they still think bite marks is the way you turn. I’m pretty sure you don’t become infected after a zombie bite ’cause you are already infected. Makes a lot of sense, right? They’ve been giving us small hints about that throughout the first 3 seasons of the show. Look for clues, and you can find ’em. Jim’s death from season 1 is the big one. So was Amy’s death was the biggest clue, as well. Another big hint, is why do you think Hershel is still living after the walker bite on his leg, right?

The Walking Dead creators, and writers wants to trick us that bite marks is the way you turn, when it isn’t. As soon as you die, everybody turns. Rick only gave us a small portion and hint about the virus, he didn’t tell us everything…YET! Look like they’re saving that for season 4.

From the “Walking Dead” wikia:

“Following classic Romero-rules, everyone who dies, for any reason, will re-animate as a zombie. Even someone killed by a gunshot wound with no zombies involved at all will re-animate as a zombie. Zombie bites are not how the “infection” is spread. Instead, zombie bites and saliva cause infections that are 100% lethal. Characters have speculated, but cannot confirm, that whatever causes zombies to re-animate is some sort of virus that everyone in the world is technically infected with but is only triggered by death. It is known, however, that upon death, it can take anytime between three minutes and eight hours for the corpse to reanimate.”

So in reality, Andrea could have lived if Michonne didn’t agree to shoot her. Jim could have lived and survived, if the crew didn’t leave him behind. Amy could have survived the bite, if they didn’t leave her laying there and suffering.

They’re saving Rick’s, “We are all the Walking Dead” speech for later in the seasons, possibly for Season 4. I’m glad they didn’t kill off the Governor yet, so look like we’re getting more Governor for Season 4 as well. The Governor is a cool character, sick and twisted. Maybe they are saving the Michonne rape for Season 4, too. Anything is possible. Last night’s show, was good, though. Look forward to Season 4.



About last Sunday’s “The Walking Dead” ****MAJOR SPOILERS****

I was going to talk about last Sunday’s “Walking Dead” shocker, but I didn’t want to talk about spoilers right away, so I waited a few days. I’ll talk about the topic with a Spoiler warning.

*******************************************SPOILERS BELOW********************************

I’m not surprised they killed off Lori. I’ve always hated that character ever since she first appeared on the show. I’m not the one to talk like this to women, but she was a real bitch and a cunt. She treated Rick and Carl both like crap ever since they reunited with Rick in Season 1. Lying to them about her affair with Shane and all kinds of stuff. Plus, Lori was a loudmouth drama queen. Almost complaining and whining about everything, if things don’t go her way. She even treated Shane like garbage too. Not only this character was annoying, her speaking voice was horrible and she’s not that good looking, anyway. Good riddance. They should have killed her off a long time ago.

Although, I disagree with them killing off, T-Dog. They should have kept his story going. I wanted T-Dog to live and cross path with Merle again. T-Dog left the key to Merle’s cuffs on the roof of that building, and I wanted Merle to be able to confront T-Dog about it. Would have been a cool storyline, but that’s not gonna happen now.

Anyway, I’m liking Season 3 so far. I’m glad they’re using Merle more. Glad Merle is getting more screen time. Michael Rooker is a talented actor, I’ve always admired him. I can’t wait for Merle and Daryl to go face to face for the first time. Plus, the Governor is a great character. I like what they’re doing with Andrea and Michonne too.

This Season is getting pretty interesting.


Tonight the “Walking Dead” returns…

Finally, the premiere of “Walking Dead – Season 3” is tonight. I do plan on watching the new episode, however, I’m going to DVR it since “Dexter” is on at the same time. I prefer to watch “Dexter” more ’cause the show is getting really good. I will watch the new “Walking Dead” right after, though.

I also plan on re-watching the rest of “Walking Dead – Season 2” this afternoon ’cause I’ve been on a “Walking Dead” marathon, all week. Watching the first two seasons in time for Season 3. While I’m excited for the debut of Michonne and the Governor, I hope AMC doesn’t mess those characters up. I hope they keep those two characters faithful from the books. I’m also excited for the return of Merle Dixon, too, Daryl’s brother. I hope Merle appears more instead of just one or two episodes. The more Merle, the better, ’cause that character is great. Michael Rooker is a great actor.

Enjoy the Walking Dead tonight for those watching.


AMC confirms Merle Dixon will return to, “Walking Dead – Season 3″…

Well, it’s no surprise that Merle Dixon is still alive in the, “Walking Dead”. I figure he escaped from the rooftop and found his way out alive by cutting his own hand off. It’s not a spoiler, ’cause I’m sure everyone knew it too. While I’m glad Merle is returning for Season 3, I hope he will appear in more episodes. In Season 1, he only appeared for two episodes, and Season 2, he only appeared for one. I hope Merle will be in most episodes for “Season 3”. “Season 3” is gonna be great, Michonne and the Governor also.

Could Tyrese get introduced at some point, here?

Get your first look at Merle for Season 3, here.


I’m real surprised how different the “Walking Dead” TV show is from the books…***spoilers***

I’ve finally started reading the “Walking Dead” books. Just read the first two, “Days Gone By” and “Miles Behind Us”. While the stories of the TV show and books can be similar, both are pretty different too! The TV show left a lot out from the books, changed some characters, left some characters out, and changed the story around too.

Here’s how different it is from the books:

– Shane dies even sooner. In the book, Carl kills Shane while Shane was still alive. Shane didn’t turn.

– Carol doesn’t have the buzz cut like she does in the show. In the books, she has long blonde hair. I always wondered why on the show, she has the buzz cut hair do? Cancer survivor maybe? Not sure.

– Dale and Andrea were lovers, but on the show they weren’t.

– T-Dog (Tyrese) steals the show in the books, while he gets lesser TV time in the show.

– Sophia doesn’t go missing in book 2. Instead she goes to Hershel’s home with the family and she ends up falling in love with Carl, this wasn’t in the show, they took it out.

– Hershel confronts Maggie and Glenn for having sex, but in the show, he doesn’t.

– Donna and Allen were characters not in the TV show.

– No Merle and Daryl Dixon.

– There was none of that CDC stuff at the end of book 1.

– They don’t keep the Walkers in the barn top secret. In book 2, Hershel tells Rick about it first.

That’s it. You pretty much get the idea. I can understand why the “Walking Dead” TV show gets mixed reviews ’cause it’s so different than the books. No wonder people complain about the show a lot! They left a lot of important stuff from the books that weren’t in the TV show at all.

Glad I started reading the books. I’ll start reading book 3, “Safety Behind Bars”, tomorrow.


Last night’s “Walking Dead”, episode was the best television I’ve seen in years, holy S**T!!! ***SPOILERS***

WOW! Last night’s “Walking Dead” episode was pretty intense. They are getting better and improving. See? Who needs Frank Darabont!!! They are doing fine with out him! People thought the show would fail without him, but they thought wrong.

Last night’s episode was a true zombie episode. It felt like a George A. Romero movie for sure. I’ll talk about the plot below with a spoiler warning….


So last night’s episode explained the incident between Shane and Rick. Why Rick killed Shane? Like I explained before, Shane sacrificed himself. Shane knew all along that he was going to turn into a walker after he died. So Shane wanted to get Rick all pissed so he can take his gun out and shoot him. Rick revealed that every living human is infected with the virus, so if you die, you get turned into a walker.

After all this time, they fooled us that if you get bitten by a walker, you get turned into one too. Turns out it’s not true after all this time. You get turned into a walker, no matter how you die

I loved how the group split with Andrea. Andrea got into a little zombie killing action herself, and it was awesome. That was when the mysterious hooded woman showed up with a sword. “Talking Dead” last night revealed who the hooded woman was, and it’s a character named, Michonne, from the comics, a black woman.

I haven’t started reading the comics yet. I’ve started collecting them, I only have the first six so far. Looks like Season 3 will be taken place in a prison. The Prison season was adapted from one of the comics. Comic #3, “Safety Behind Bars”. I will start reading the books soon.

I was really impressed with last night’s episode. It was a great improvement with the writing and hope they keep up the good work for Season 3. I see this TV show being on TV for a long time.

It was a pretty powerful episode and a great ending.