Last night’s “Walking Dead”, episode was the best television I’ve seen in years, holy S**T!!! ***SPOILERS***

WOW! Last night’s “Walking Dead” episode was pretty intense. They are getting better and improving. See? Who needs Frank Darabont!!! They are doing fine with out him! People thought the show would fail without him, but they thought wrong.

Last night’s episode was a true zombie episode. It felt like a George A. Romero movie for sure. I’ll talk about the plot below with a spoiler warning….


So last night’s episode explained the incident between Shane and Rick. Why Rick killed Shane? Like I explained before, Shane sacrificed himself. Shane knew all along that he was going to turn into a walker after he died. So Shane wanted to get Rick all pissed so he can take his gun out and shoot him. Rick revealed that every living human is infected with the virus, so if you die, you get turned into a walker.

After all this time, they fooled us that if you get bitten by a walker, you get turned into one too. Turns out it’s not true after all this time. You get turned into a walker, no matter how you die

I loved how the group split with Andrea. Andrea got into a little zombie killing action herself, and it was awesome. That was when the mysterious hooded woman showed up with a sword. “Talking Dead” last night revealed who the hooded woman was, and it’s a character named, Michonne, from the comics, a black woman.

I haven’t started reading the comics yet. I’ve started collecting them, I only have the first six so far. Looks like Season 3 will be taken place in a prison. The Prison season was adapted from one of the comics. Comic #3, “Safety Behind Bars”. I will start reading the books soon.

I was really impressed with last night’s episode. It was a great improvement with the writing and hope they keep up the good work for Season 3. I see this TV show being on TV for a long time.

It was a pretty powerful episode and a great ending.


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