This isn’t mainstream music, folks, this is called, “local music”…

I think I figured out why some of us musicians keep getting ignored by the music scene. Getting overlooked and not getting enough recognition that we deserve. I think it’s because the local press like to look at local music as if this is the “mainstream” industry even if we’re not. Here’s what I mean. You know how in the national “mainstream” industry, you have to be all good looking and pretty, and write pop songs to make it big? Well, the local music scene is kind of similar to that. If you’re good looking and pretty, if you write pop songs that are radio friendly and can get the girls dancing their asses off, then you become immediately successful.

In the local music world, there is no such thing as being “mainstream” artists or pop stars. We are unsigned and local music. So that means everyone deserves the support and respect. People like to treat the local music scene like a damn popularity contest and it’s sad, in my opinion. The local music scene shouldn’t be like that.

In this website, I will prove my point. By simply promoting local music more, the real way to promote local music. Believe me, I know how to do it. Better than anybody out there. It seems that other local music promoters are out there trying to get more publicity for themselves and not giving publicity to the band they are promoting. If you want to be a good music promoter, you need it to be more about them, and not about you.

I will concentrate on promoting local music more in this site ’cause I have a mission. To prove this music scene, that all musicians of all levels of talent deserves a chance. Like I said, I will do interviews with bands/musicians more (either on this site or by video), go to local band gigs more, giving local music reviews, etc. We will get heard, I can do this for you. It won’t be just for me.


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