Will I watch the new Walking Dead season in Oct??? I’m thinking about giving up on this show…

I’ll admit it that I was very disappointed with the last season of the Walking Dead. The writing has gotten really bad… even Daryl couldn’t save the show. Last time I checked, this is supposed to be, “The Walking Dead”. Not “The Suck Daryl Dixon’s Dick” show. The whole point of the books were the stories which is what the show is missing. All the craziness of Daryl Dixon is overshadowing the storytelling part of the show. Crazy stupid and pretentious fans. Daryl wasn’t a character in the books and the stories can get really good without him. The books were so much better than the lame TV show. Even if the writing is bad, the makers at AMC are doing whatever it takes to give Daryl a lot of screen time so they can keep the show on the air. Daryl is what keeps the show going. Without him, the show’s ratings will tank and it’ll cancel mid-season probably. So they are probably never gonna kill Daryl off. If they do, I can see angry fans starting petitions or starting rallies to bring Daryl back. Don’t get me wrong. Norman Reedus is a fantastic actor and Daryl is a cool character but they really need to focus on the stories.

I was also disappointed with the direction of the Michonne and Andrea storyline went to last year. Rick going all psychotic and weird was pretty lame as well. Also, The Governor is not menacing enough. If you read the books, you would see that the Governor is a lot more nastier and even more menacing.

Not sure if I’ll continue to watch the “Walking Dead” this year.

At least the writing for “Breaking Bad” and “Dexter” has gotten really good this year. Those two shows are pretty strong. “The Walking Dead” however, has gone way downhill for me. Maybe I’ll try to watch the first couple of episodes this season but if I see they haven’t improved, I’ll stop watching then. It just gotten really boring.


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