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Will I watch the new Walking Dead season in Oct??? I’m thinking about giving up on this show…

I’ll admit it that I was very disappointed with the last season of the Walking Dead. The writing has gotten really bad… even Daryl couldn’t save the show. Last time I checked, this is supposed to be, “The Walking Dead”. Not “The Suck Daryl Dixon’s Dick” show. The whole point of the books were the stories which is what the show is missing. All the craziness of Daryl Dixon is overshadowing the storytelling part of the show. Crazy stupid and pretentious fans. Daryl wasn’t a character in the books and the stories can get really good without him. The books were so much better than the lame TV show. Even if the writing is bad, the makers at AMC are doing whatever it takes to give Daryl a lot of screen time so they can keep the show on the air. Daryl is what keeps the show going. Without him, the show’s ratings will tank and it’ll cancel mid-season probably. So they are probably never gonna kill Daryl off. If they do, I can see angry fans starting petitions or starting rallies to bring Daryl back. Don’t get me wrong. Norman Reedus is a fantastic actor and Daryl is a cool character but they really need to focus on the stories.

I was also disappointed with the direction of the Michonne and Andrea storyline went to last year. Rick going all psychotic and weird was pretty lame as well. Also, The Governor is not menacing enough. If you read the books, you would see that the Governor is a lot more nastier and even more menacing.

Not sure if I’ll continue to watch the “Walking Dead” this year.

At least the writing for “Breaking Bad” and “Dexter” has gotten really good this year. Those two shows are pretty strong. “The Walking Dead” however, has gone way downhill for me. Maybe I’ll try to watch the first couple of episodes this season but if I see they haven’t improved, I’ll stop watching then. It just gotten really boring.


Thought: Is Merle Dixon alive or dead? ***possible spoilers***

Merle Dixon (played by the great, Michael Rooker, pictured above) is an original character exclusively for the TV show, “The Walking Dead”. Merle was never a character from the comic books at all. That is why nobody knows anything about Merle and why they are keeping this character mysterious. Merle returned for one episode this season but Daryl was just having a hallucination, it wasn’t really him.

Michael Rooker is a great actor. I’ve remembered him in other movies. His most recognizable movie role would have to be in Stallone’s movie, “Cliffhanger”, back in 1993. It’s nice to see him finally get recognized for his talent in, “The Walking Dead”.

The question we’re all wondering, is Merle Dixon still alive or dead? Maybe he’s even a walker?

I would think Merle is still alive.

When Merle is found alive, another question we’re all wondering, will he get revenge at T-Dog for leaving him up on the roof of the Dept. store in Atlanta? I used to think Merle would come back to get revenge against Rick & his friends, but it’s not going to happen.

I would think Merle would side with Rick and the gang. It’s Daryl that Merle would be after. Remember that hallucination that Daryl had on Merle, it seemed that they don’t get along too well. Why would Merle want to side with Rick and them? Remember, when Merle was handcuffed and the walkers were trying to get out after him, Merle kept screaming, “I’ve been bad, I deserve it…” blah blah blah…. Merle would admit that he was wrong on how he treated them and Merle might help them a bit.

It’s possible that Merle will not be the villain of the show. Rick would want to team with Merle ’cause Merle is an expert gunman. There’s something about Daryl that he will turn into the villain instead of Merle.

I’m probably gonna be wrong on this prediction but it’s a guess. Daryl was never exactly friends with Rick and his gang anyway. The only reason Daryl sided with Rick, ’cause they would help him find Merle, ’cause they’re family.

Merle could end up being a badguy through out the rest of the show, but it wouldn’t make any sense if you think about it. After seeing that scene with Merle and Daryl together. It’s a possibility Merle could have a change of heart with Rick and the gang, and join them. Just my 2cents.