Walking Dead – Season 3 finale *****MAJOR SPOILERS*****

I just want to talk about last night’s “Walking Dead” Season 3 finale, a little bit, but with spoilers, of course.




*****************************MAJOR SPOILERS**************************************




Last night’s episode, kind of proves my point that people don’t turn into walkers with bite marks, you turn no matter how you die. Rick may have already told everyone that everyone is infected with the virus, but try to remember, that’s all he told them. He never really told people how they turn when they die. When Andrea was found laying on the floor with bite marks all over her neck, covered in blood, they still think bite marks is the way you turn. I’m pretty sure you don’t become infected after a zombie bite ’cause you are already infected. Makes a lot of sense, right? They’ve been giving us small hints about that throughout the first 3 seasons of the show. Look for clues, and you can find ’em. Jim’s death from season 1 is the big one. So was Amy’s death was the biggest clue, as well. Another big hint, is why do you think Hershel is still living after the walker bite on his leg, right?

The Walking Dead creators, and writers wants to trick us that bite marks is the way you turn, when it isn’t. As soon as you die, everybody turns. Rick only gave us a small portion and hint about the virus, he didn’t tell us everything…YET! Look like they’re saving that for season 4.

From the “Walking Dead” wikia:

“Following classic Romero-rules, everyone who dies, for any reason, will re-animate as a zombie. Even someone killed by a gunshot wound with no zombies involved at all will re-animate as a zombie. Zombie bites are not how the “infection” is spread. Instead, zombie bites and saliva cause infections that are 100% lethal. Characters have speculated, but cannot confirm, that whatever causes zombies to re-animate is some sort of virus that everyone in the world is technically infected with but is only triggered by death. It is known, however, that upon death, it can take anytime between three minutes and eight hours for the corpse to reanimate.”

So in reality, Andrea could have lived if Michonne didn’t agree to shoot her. Jim could have lived and survived, if the crew didn’t leave him behind. Amy could have survived the bite, if they didn’t leave her laying there and suffering.

They’re saving Rick’s, “We are all the Walking Dead” speech for later in the seasons, possibly for Season 4. I’m glad they didn’t kill off the Governor yet, so look like we’re getting more Governor for Season 4 as well. The Governor is a cool character, sick and twisted. Maybe they are saving the Michonne rape for Season 4, too. Anything is possible. Last night’s show, was good, though. Look forward to Season 4.



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