Tonight the “Walking Dead” returns…

Finally, the premiere of “Walking Dead – Season 3” is tonight. I do plan on watching the new episode, however, I’m going to DVR it since “Dexter” is on at the same time. I prefer to watch “Dexter” more ’cause the show is getting really good. I will watch the new “Walking Dead” right after, though.

I also plan on re-watching the rest of “Walking Dead – Season 2” this afternoon ’cause I’ve been on a “Walking Dead” marathon, all week. Watching the first two seasons in time for Season 3. While I’m excited for the debut of Michonne and the Governor, I hope AMC doesn’t mess those characters up. I hope they keep those two characters faithful from the books. I’m also excited for the return of Merle Dixon, too, Daryl’s brother. I hope Merle appears more instead of just one or two episodes. The more Merle, the better, ’cause that character is great. Michael Rooker is a great actor.

Enjoy the Walking Dead tonight for those watching.


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