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Thought: What I think happened with Shane… Major “Walking Dead” SPOILERS!!!!

Yes, the “Walking Dead” did it again. Gave us another big shocker that got the entire internet talking. It had something to do with Shane…so in this post, I’m going  to talk about what happened and explain things of what’s going on. This is my thoughts, of what I think is happening. Before you go thinking that Shane is a badguy for this, read up….here’s my thoughts with Spoiler warnings…

****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************SPOILER WARNING***********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

For tonight’s episode: Rick, Shane, Daryl and Glenn went out in the woods to find an escaped Randall from the barn. It was really Shane that helped Randall out. They split up in two teams to hunt down Randall. The Walking Dead cast agreed to let Randall live in Dale’s honor (who was killed in the last episode), except for Shane who still disagreed with it.

Shane brought Randall out in the woods, in the middle of the night. While they didn’t show exactly what was going on between Shane and Randall, they wanted to keep it mysterious. Randall ended up mysteriously turning into a Walker, which Glenn and Daryl found him and killed him.

Here’s what I believe what happened. Shane let Randall go ’cause there were Walkers walking all over the woods, they showed clips of hundreds of walkers, all over the place.

So everyone is asking, when was Shane bit?

I believe it was the episode “Bloodletting”, one of the episodes from the first half of the season back in the Fall. That was when Shane and Otis, went to the FEMA aid station to get medical supplies. Remember, Shane was being chased by a large group of Walkers. They made it look like Shane almost got bitten, but I think he really was bitten. You don’t get turned into a walker until death completely.

What Shane did tonight, he didn’t want to kill Rick. He actually cares for Rick and his family ’cause they were best friends, what Shane did was to sacrifice himself. That’s what it was I believe. Sacrifice.

Shane was the only one who saw that Randall was dangerous and it was his way of keeping Rick and his friends safe. Shane didn’t want to kill Randall himself, so he took Randall out in the woods where the walkers are.

Shane was not evil, he never was. He always tried to do what is best for Rick and his friends. He was just misunderstood.

I knew Shane was going to turn into a walker at some point, I think everyone knew it. I didn’t think they were going to do it, this season. Shane did not exactly try to kill Rick. Shane pointed the gun at Rick ’cause he knew that Rick would try to defend himself. It was a sacrifice thing. Shane just felt letting the walkers killing Randall was better than shooting him, that was all.

This is just my take on what’s going on. Another great episode of the “Walking Dead”. Looking forward to the season finale next Sunday.


“Walking Dead” and the “Grammy’s”…

Tonight, I’ll be watching the new “Walking Dead” episode for the 2nd half of Season 2, and after that, I will watch the rest of the Grammy Awards. I’m DVR’ing the Grammy’s while I watch the “Walking Dead”. I’ll watch the beginning of the “Grammy’s” tomorrow.

The only reason I’m watching the Grammy’s tonight to see how many awards the Foo Fighters are going to win. I’m hoping the Foo’s are going to get “Album of the Year” tonight but Adele will probably end up getting the win.

I know Adele is extremely popular. She’s even popular with rock & metal fans, I’m noticing. It’s just that I can’t get into her music as of this point. Maybe she’ll grow on me soon, but I’m just not into that mellow pop stuff too much.

As most of you readers already know, I’m into any kind of music with great guitar playing. Rock n’ roll, metal, prog, blues, etc. Sometimes I’ll listen to the mellow stuff when I want a break from loud rock music.

I support rock n’ roll, that’s my genre and I’m hoping the Foos will be victorious tonight. Good luck Dave!


Cool Video: See how Sophia’s zombie makeup was done for the “Walking Dead” barn shootout…

Here’s another great behind the scenes clip of Madison Lintz getting her zombie makeup done for her controversial scene for “Walking Dead”, season 2 mid-season finale. The zombie barn shoot out.

While it’s sad that Madison is all done with the “Walking Dead”, this will for sure open up more acting opportunities for her up ahead. She’s an unknown actress, and she just became a superstar because of that one scene. She’s got a big career ahead of her. I can see other horror films going to want her now, lol. Could she star in a zombie film down the road? I can definitely see it happening.

I give her a whole lot of respect. It must of been really hard for the film makers to get her parents approval to playing a zombie. I’m sure Madison’s mother was difficult about it at first, ha!

Madison did a great job and I hope she wins some kind of award for that scene.

See the clip, here.


Thought: Who does the best acting in the “Walking Dead” cast???

So we’ve all been watching, “The Walking Dead” for a long while now, and here’s an interesting question. Who does the best acting? Which of the cast do you think is award worthy?

Well, I think Michael Rooker who plays Merle, obviously does the best acting. If we’re all looking forward to seeing him on screen again, that means he’s grabbing our attention with his talented acting.

Another cast member who does the best acting is Norman Reedus who plays Daryl. Both of the Dixon brothers are great actors.

I also think Jon Bernthal who plays Shane, is really incredible. Laurie Holden who plays Andrea was good in the first season, but her acting went downhill in Season 2. I don’t know what happened there. I thought Lennie James who played Morgan from Season 1 was a really good actor.

As far as the rest of the cast goes, they need acting lessons. I don’t think Andrew Lincoln is a good choice to be playing Rick, and I think the woman who plays Lori is a terrible actress.

If there was an actress on the show who I thought did the best acting, I would say the girl who played Sophia on that one, Madison Lintz. Especially what happened with  Sophia in Season 2, I think she’s going to get some award for that scene.

While the writing of the Walking Dead can get really good, I wish the casting would get improved though. It is my favorite show on TV right now and with the ratings really high lately, I think the show is going to be on TV for a pretty long time. I hope the show will last for several more seasons after Season 2. I never read the comics, but I think I’m going to start soon.


Thought: Is Merle Dixon alive or dead? ***possible spoilers***

Merle Dixon (played by the great, Michael Rooker, pictured above) is an original character exclusively for the TV show, “The Walking Dead”. Merle was never a character from the comic books at all. That is why nobody knows anything about Merle and why they are keeping this character mysterious. Merle returned for one episode this season but Daryl was just having a hallucination, it wasn’t really him.

Michael Rooker is a great actor. I’ve remembered him in other movies. His most recognizable movie role would have to be in Stallone’s movie, “Cliffhanger”, back in 1993. It’s nice to see him finally get recognized for his talent in, “The Walking Dead”.

The question we’re all wondering, is Merle Dixon still alive or dead? Maybe he’s even a walker?

I would think Merle is still alive.

When Merle is found alive, another question we’re all wondering, will he get revenge at T-Dog for leaving him up on the roof of the Dept. store in Atlanta? I used to think Merle would come back to get revenge against Rick & his friends, but it’s not going to happen.

I would think Merle would side with Rick and the gang. It’s Daryl that Merle would be after. Remember that hallucination that Daryl had on Merle, it seemed that they don’t get along too well. Why would Merle want to side with Rick and them? Remember, when Merle was handcuffed and the walkers were trying to get out after him, Merle kept screaming, “I’ve been bad, I deserve it…” blah blah blah…. Merle would admit that he was wrong on how he treated them and Merle might help them a bit.

It’s possible that Merle will not be the villain of the show. Rick would want to team with Merle ’cause Merle is an expert gunman. There’s something about Daryl that he will turn into the villain instead of Merle.

I’m probably gonna be wrong on this prediction but it’s a guess. Daryl was never exactly friends with Rick and his gang anyway. The only reason Daryl sided with Rick, ’cause they would help him find Merle, ’cause they’re family.

Merle could end up being a badguy through out the rest of the show, but it wouldn’t make any sense if you think about it. After seeing that scene with Merle and Daryl together. It’s a possibility Merle could have a change of heart with Rick and the gang, and join them. Just my 2cents.


“The Walking Dead – Season 2” Mid-Season ends with a shocker… ****Major Spoilers****

So the 1st half of the “Walking Dead” is over and here is my review with some major spoilers. If you haven’t seen any of the episodes yet or tonight’s episode, then don’t read any further after you see the spoiler warning below.




************************SPOILER WARNING*****************************



In the beginning of Season 2, Carol’s little daughter, Sophia goes missing after the cast tries to protect themselves from walkers in the highway. The cast ends up staying at Hershel Greene’s farm home after Carl’s been shot and they continue to stay there for safety & hospitality.

Honestly, this season started off kind of boring. It was more like a soap opera than anything. There wasn’t too much zombies, blood & guts like the last season. I’ve been getting some predictions right and some of them wrong. I knew Lori was going to get pregnant this season, and I’m betting it’s going to be Shane’s baby.

I was kind of disappointed that Merle Dixon only appeared for one episode this Season, but I don’t think it was actually him and it was really Daryl just dreaming or something of that one episode where he went looking for Sophia by himself.

Hershel, the farmhouse owner, has a barn full of walkers because he has family in there. A wife and a step son. He refuses to kill the walkers because he thinks they’re still people and wanted to care for his wife & step son like any family would. Glenn found out about the walkers in the barn and in tonight’s episode, Glenn told the cast about that secret.

The cast wouldn’t leave Hersel’s home because they wouldn’t leave without the missing Sophia, who they were still on the look out for her. The cast thought she was still alive and out there somewhere.

I did too. I had a couple of guesses on what may have happened to Sopha, Carol’s daughter. I thought Merle Dixon kidnapped her as his way of getting payback for leaving him on the rooftop in Atlanta handcuffed, or Sophia could be living with a different family somewhere. Neither prediction was right.

Turns out that Sophia was a walker and she was in that barn after all this time. Now I can completely see why Hershel didn’t want Rick and his friends getting in the barn to kill the walkers, because he didn’t want them to see Sophia as one.

I know the pacing of the show was kind of slow at the start, but they ended this season very nicely. The ending tonight certainly shocked the hell out of me. My jaw fell open when Sophia as a walker, came walking out of the barn. I think the writers of the show made the beginning of it kind of boring on purpose so they can save the best for the last. Now I get why they did what they did.

The second half of the season which will air on AMC later this Spring, will get real interesting now. Hopefully, Merle Dixon will return second half, I’m sure he will.

They did a real good job ending the show this time around. Hope they keep up the good work for the second half.


“Walking Dead – Season 2” premiere review ****Major Spoilers****

I watched “Walking Dead” – Season 2 premiere last night. I thought it was a pretty incredible episode. While there is a lot of improvements in the writing of last night’s episode, I think there were a few little plot holes, but not that bad. In this episode it takes place after the events of the explosion of the CDC building. Leaving off from where “Season 1” ended.

This review will include major spoilers, don’t read on, if you haven’t even seen it yet.

It’s the scene where Andrea trapped herself in the bathroom of Dale’s RV, and the zombie is trying to get in after her. Dale watches on the roof, and he just hands her a screw driver to attack the zombie with. She takes the screwdriver and stabs the zombie in the eye with it. The big plot hole in this scene is, Andrea was covered with the zombie’s blood & guts. I clearly remembered from the 1st Season during that episode “Guts”, where Rick and Glenn had to cover themselves up with zombie guts, they weren’t allowed to get any of it on their skin, or they would become infected. Well Andrea had the zombie guts all over her, and she was fine. I think that was a big mistake in the writing part. “The Talking Dead” TV show even pointed that out too (yes, I watched that too).

Another thing that didn’t make a bit of sense was the zombie march through the traffic jam. They hid under the cars so they wouldn’t be seen or heard. Don’t zombies have a strong smell for human flesh? They could have just simply looked under the vehicles, and the cast had plenty of time to hide in the woods nearby and wait for them to walk by.

Other than that, it was a great episode. It was scary as hell, gory as hell, yes, it was gorier than last season. Gotta love that Daryl character, he was badass in this episode. I think he’s my favorite character of the show other than Merle, and Shane.

Sophia goes missing and the episode was about the cast searching for her. Sophia was the little girl who is the daughter of Carol and Ed. The show ends with Carl, Rick’s kid getting shot when they were admiring a deer in the woods.

Here is my prediction on what’s going on here. I think Merle (the show’s villain) is behind it all. I think Merle took Sophia and he also shot Carl. They’re trying to keep Merle’s disappearance mysterious. He’s coming back at Rick and his family/friends, for leaving him on the rooftop handcuffed. Merle sawed his own hand off to escape the cuffs.

Will Merle ever appear this season? I hope we don’t have to wait for the final episode but I know he’s still alive.

I’m glad the show is finally back. It’s one of the best shows on television for sure, other than, “Dexter”, and “Game of Thrones”.


Are you ready for some more “Walking Dead” tomorrow night???

Well, I just got done watching, “Walking Dead – Season 1” on DVD. I was just in the mood for a Walking Dead marathon before the “Season 2” premiere tomorrow. Season 1 was just six episodes so I just watched the first 3 last night and watch the last 3 this afternoon.

I probably already wrote about this a long time ago before but I’m gonna do it again, I’ll talk about my predictions of Season 2 of what’s going to happen. THESE AREN’T SPOILERS, JUST MY PREDICTION!

  • Rick finds out Shane was having an affair with Lori, Rick and Shane don’t get along too well anymore for Season 2. 
  • Merle Dixon returns. Merle only appeared for two episodes in Season 1, I think he’ll be in Season 2 a lot more as the main villain. He’ll come back to get revenge at Rick and his friends.
  • Rick discovers the pilot flying the mysterious helicopter. We saw the mysterious helicopter a few times briefly, Rick tried to flag it down while it was flying in Atlanta but no good. 
  • Rick reunites with Morgan Jones and his son Duane. 
  • The Walking Dead cast loses another major character. They lost Amy and Jim, who’s next? Shane? Lori? Andrea? Maybe even Rick himself? 
  • They reunite with Jim as a walker. Remember, they left Jim on the side of the street because he didn’t want to turn into a walker in front of them. They didn’t kill him or anything, just left him there. When Jim comes back as a walker, will the cast try to kill him or will they have a hard time making that decision? 
I’m looking forward to Season 2 premiere tomorrow night. I hope it’s a good episode and probably will be. Better not disappoint. I’m kind of glad Frank Darabont is gone, because his ideas could use some improvements, and having new writers would help give the show some fresh ideas.
I’m such a huge fan of zombies. I love zombie movies, video games, comics, etc. In addition to help get the “Walking Dead” excitement going, I’ve been playing the video game, “Dead Island” all week. It’s a sweet game too. I’ll review the game when I’m done with it, of course.

Report: “Walking Dead” Season 2 premiere will be 90 minutes long!!!

The more, “Walking Dead”, the merrier! I love it! 13 episodes this season! Season 2 premiere will be 90 minutes long on Oct. 16th on AMC. There will be six more after that, and AMC will air the second half of the season on Feb. 12th.

More on it, here.

Can’t wait! Love this fucking show! Oct. will be a great month for TV. “Walking Dead” on AMC and “Dexter” Season 6 on Showtime. A big hell yeah for this one!


BREAKING NEWS: Frank Darabont quits the “Walking Dead”!!!!

Well, who didn’t see this one coming? Frank Darabont just attended this week’s San Diego Comic Con to take the stage and talk with reporters to promote “Season 2”, and just a few days later, he announced he is quitting the series. Frank Darabont is the man responsible for bringing us the series based on the comic books. He didn’t explain the reason why he is stepping down.

The Hollywood Reporter, reports.

Good, who needs him. The guy seems like a prick anyway considering he fired all the writers from Season 1 and replaced new writers for Season 2.

I’m sure the show will do fine without him.