“Walking Dead – Season 2” premiere review ****Major Spoilers****

I watched “Walking Dead” – Season 2 premiere last night. I thought it was a pretty incredible episode. While there is a lot of improvements in the writing of last night’s episode, I think there were a few little plot holes, but not that bad. In this episode it takes place after the events of the explosion of the CDC building. Leaving off from where “Season 1” ended.

This review will include major spoilers, don’t read on, if you haven’t even seen it yet.

It’s the scene where Andrea trapped herself in the bathroom of Dale’s RV, and the zombie is trying to get in after her. Dale watches on the roof, and he just hands her a screw driver to attack the zombie with. She takes the screwdriver and stabs the zombie in the eye with it. The big plot hole in this scene is, Andrea was covered with the zombie’s blood & guts. I clearly remembered from the 1st Season during that episode “Guts”, where Rick and Glenn had to cover themselves up with zombie guts, they weren’t allowed to get any of it on their skin, or they would become infected. Well Andrea had the zombie guts all over her, and she was fine. I think that was a big mistake in the writing part. “The Talking Dead” TV show even pointed that out too (yes, I watched that too).

Another thing that didn’t make a bit of sense was the zombie march through the traffic jam. They hid under the cars so they wouldn’t be seen or heard. Don’t zombies have a strong smell for human flesh? They could have just simply looked under the vehicles, and the cast had plenty of time to hide in the woods nearby and wait for them to walk by.

Other than that, it was a great episode. It was scary as hell, gory as hell, yes, it was gorier than last season. Gotta love that Daryl character, he was badass in this episode. I think he’s my favorite character of the show other than Merle, and Shane.

Sophia goes missing and the episode was about the cast searching for her. Sophia was the little girl who is the daughter of Carol and Ed. The show ends with Carl, Rick’s kid getting shot when they were admiring a deer in the woods.

Here is my prediction on what’s going on here. I think Merle (the show’s villain) is behind it all. I think Merle took Sophia and he also shot Carl. They’re trying to keep Merle’s disappearance mysterious. He’s coming back at Rick and his family/friends, for leaving him on the rooftop handcuffed. Merle sawed his own hand off to escape the cuffs.

Will Merle ever appear this season? I hope we don’t have to wait for the final episode but I know he’s still alive.

I’m glad the show is finally back. It’s one of the best shows on television for sure, other than, “Dexter”, and “Game of Thrones”.


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