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Beck has no negative grudge against Kanye… Beck says he has nothing but respect for him…

Taylor Swift may have been upset at Kanye interrupting her but did Beck get upset? No. Beck is actually pretty cool with it! As a matter of fact, Beck seems flattered that Kanye tried to go up to the mic.


I understand Beck, though. I’d be flattered if I got interrupted by Kanye too.

I didn’t think Beck would win “Album of The Year”. I too kept thinking Beyonce was gonna win it no matter what.

So Beck said he aspires to be like Kanye. Well that’s no surprise. If you’ve listened to Beck’s music over the years like I have, you would hear that almost 80% of Beck’s music is rap/hip hop a little bit. Listen to his “Mellowgold” and “Odelay” albums for proof. Beck has always written a mix of folk, pop, rap & hip hop music over the years especially songs like “Beercan” in which you can hear in the video below.

I’m very happy for Beck for his surprising Grammy win! I’ve listened to his music for many years. I haven’t heard his new album “Morning Phase” yet but I’m gonna grab it from Itunes soon.

While most of last night’s Grammy’s were a joke there were actually two good things about last night’s show… Ac/Dc performing and Beck winning “Album of the Year”.

I do agree that Kanye is an arrogant and egotistical jackass but who cares. There are too many artists and musicians out there who are just as bad as he is.

I understand Kanye’s love for Beyonce but Beyonce used like 20 producers for her latest album while Beck produced, “Morning Phase” all by himself. Plus, Beck is a real musician who plays his own instruments and writes his own songs. He’s not a manufactured artist like Beyonce. So the Grammy’s made the right decision for once!


Man I’m so sick of Beyonce, she’s probably gonna sweep everything at the Grammy’s…

The Grammy Awards is turning into the MTV Awards but much worse. It’s no surprise that Beyonce will score the most nominations.

What’s the most shocking about this year’s award show is that they snubbed Taylor Swift for her “1989” album for “Album of the Year”. I’m happy that Beck got nominated for “Album of The Year”, I haven’t heard his album “Morning Phase” yet. I never listened to Ed Sheeran’s music before so I don’t know about him. Sam Smith I never really heard of either. I’m glad Pharrell Williams got “Album the Year” ’cause his “Girl” album is a really good album… I still like that album a lot.

While I would love to see Pharrell win for his album “Girl” for “Album of the Year”… I don’t think he’s gonna get it. It’s obviously gonna go to Beyonce. I’m not a fan of Beyonce at all. That is one artist that I don’t really like. She’s obviously gonna get the big win… too predictable. Seriously, fuck the Grammy’s. I’ll never buy Beyonce’s music. Not my cup of tea.

Although, I will confess, however, that I did listen to her music once when she was with Destiny’s Child back in the day. I remember owning a Destiny’s Child album once in the past but I got rid of it. I think it was the album, “Survivor”, not sure, though.



Oh great, Madonna is now set to perform the Grammy’s this Sunday, wonder what kind of controversy we’ll get out of her???

Are you ready for a half naked middle-aged woman to take the stage at the Grammy’s this Sunday night? Yes, Madonna is set to perform. For the past several years, she has been quite the controversial performer. She’s not only almost naked on stage most of the time, she’s still doing her “sexual” image like she has always done.

I used to like Madonna but I only liked her back in the 80’s. I don’t like her anymore, though.

The Grammy’s is this Sunday and I’m trying to debate on whether or not I should watch it. I’m actually curious about the Metallica and Lang Lang performance so I’ll probably watch it for that.

Miley may have been controversial at the VMA’s but Madonna can make her look bad easily. The Grammy’s will indeed pull some controversy so they can try to top the Miley thing.


Prince @ the Grammy’s last night…

So Prince, the pop star behind the “Purple Rain” fame, made a surprising apperance at the Grammy’s last night. I didn’t expect to see him ’cause it seems Prince has been keeping himself out of the spotlight for the past couple of years or so. When he walked out on that stage, I said to myself, “Wow, Prince is so short”. Yeah, he stands pretty short, and doing a little research, Prince stands about 5″ 2′. Even though he was an award presenter, he seemed like he wasn’t in a good mood. Usually when award presenters hand out an award, they usually joke around or talk before they announce the nominees, but Prince didn’t talk much at all. He just did a quick, “Here are the nominees for…”, and that was it. It looks like he just went on there to promote himself and get recognized again. It seemed he didn’t care for the show. Well, he did positively say that he liked the Gotye song before he handed out the award. It was interesting to see Prince again. I’m a fan of Prince, sure, but just his earlier music during the Purple Rain era.


CBS to celebrities at the Grammy’s: “Keep your private parts, private”…

CBS has warned celebrities that if they wore clothing of any kind that exposes private parts, that type of fashion will be banned at the Grammy’s. That means the women are not allowed to show their cleavages and they won’t be allowed to wear see through either. They are not only allowed to show off their breasts, they are also not allowed to show off their genitals or buttocks.

This rule applies to the male celebrities too.

More on the story, here:

I’m sure people are angry at CBS over this new rule. I’m sure people are saying, “Oh, women should have the right to show their cleavages on TV” or “Women should be able to wear what they want to”…. waaaaahhhhh… cry me a river.

Lets be honest here, this is a good move by CBS, and they should have done this years ago. I bet Beyonce’s Superbowl Halftime performance is what pushed them to do it ’cause since her performance at the Superbowl was pretty racy and sexual, other female performers at the Grammy’s were probably gonna try to top it. CBS wanted to put a stop to that.

That’s another thing that I hate about the way the industry works. Seems like music is all about the sex. It always has been. Sex may sell in music, but it doesn’t always have to be. Females in music don’t need to look like strippers or whores to be something. I kind of blame all the sex in music ’cause of Madonna, pretty much. Madonna pioneered the whole sex in music thing.

This is about keeping it clean for the kids and families who watch the Grammy’s.

On top of that, who fuckin’ cares about the Grammy’s, ya know? It has always been a mediocre award show like all the others. I can’t stand commercial and mainstream music.



“Walking Dead” and the “Grammy’s”…

Tonight, I’ll be watching the new “Walking Dead” episode for the 2nd half of Season 2, and after that, I will watch the rest of the Grammy Awards. I’m DVR’ing the Grammy’s while I watch the “Walking Dead”. I’ll watch the beginning of the “Grammy’s” tomorrow.

The only reason I’m watching the Grammy’s tonight to see how many awards the Foo Fighters are going to win. I’m hoping the Foo’s are going to get “Album of the Year” tonight but Adele will probably end up getting the win.

I know Adele is extremely popular. She’s even popular with rock & metal fans, I’m noticing. It’s just that I can’t get into her music as of this point. Maybe she’ll grow on me soon, but I’m just not into that mellow pop stuff too much.

As most of you readers already know, I’m into any kind of music with great guitar playing. Rock n’ roll, metal, prog, blues, etc. Sometimes I’ll listen to the mellow stuff when I want a break from loud rock music.

I support rock n’ roll, that’s my genre and I’m hoping the Foos will be victorious tonight. Good luck Dave!


Cool Video: Pink’s performance at the Grammy’s – was it her singing or her circus performing?

The internet is buzzing about how Pink’s performance at last night’s Grammy Awards was the best live performance on a Grammy’s show ever. I took a look at it myself in youtube. I didn’t watch the Grammy’s last night (I was watching WWE’s “Royal Rumble” ppv instead).

My thoughts that I think Pink’s performance wasn’t anything special. Good voice yes, but do you honesetly think she was really singing? It’s gotta be very difficult to sing and hang upside down very high over an audience, spinning around and doing these dangerous stunts up there. How is it possible to do all that and sing at the same time? Her performance really didn’t grab me. She came out on stage wearing a white dress, as she walks over toward the audience, she takes the dress off and wearing this unique see through outfit that shows her half naked body. Then she’s way high up in the air, spinning around and hanging. I didn’t really care for it.

It’s certainly not the best Grammy’s performance, I have seen much better in the past. I personally think the audience wasn’t cheering for her singing, they gave her a standing ovation ’cause of all those high stunts she was doing up there.

On top of that, I think the Elton John and Lady Gaga performance was much better.


Thought: Blink 182 will not fly on tour, I think…

With the Blink 182 reunion being official from last night’s Grammy’s, it got me thinking that when they said they will go on world tour, they will not fly. They’re travelling across the states, they’ll probably travel by bus, if they tour overseas, they’ll probably travel by boat and rental vehicles. I remember Travis Barker vowing to never fly again, so in the tour lineup, I think they’ll make the tour dates a few days apart to give them time to travel since the band probably won’t be flying.

I was never a Blink 182 fan, but a reunion of the band is good news, I guess.


Report: Led Zeppelin to perform at the Grammy awards? Eh, sort of…

Robert Plant and Allison Krauss will be performing at the Grammy Awards. I never watch the Grammy’s anymore but I’ll watch it just for that one performance and then I’ll probably switch the channel after. I love the Robert and Allison project. I wish people would appreciate the Robert and Allison bluegrass project rather than obsess with the Led Zeppelin reunion. The Robert and Allison duo is a full time thing, it isn’t a side project for Robert, he is committed to it.

Do yourself a favor and buy the album “Raising Sand” if you haven’t yet, and you would see why Robert loves the project so much. It’s one of the best albums I’ve heard in years. One record I can never get tired of listening to.

I think Robert and Allison will one day be bigger than Zeppelin. While I am a die hard and obsessive Led Zep fanatic, I do not want the reunion tour to happen. Let the O2 Dec. 10th 2007 gig be their final and last good show. Leave the legacy at a positive note. Don’t let the nostalgia of Led Zep overshadow Robert and Allison.

More on it here: