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Prince’s “Purple Rain” album is really is a masterpiece… beautiful album for sure…

I may be late getting into Prince’s music but late is better than never, right? I never bought a single Prince album in my life so I thought I would finally start getting into him. Of course, I picked his “Purple Rain” soundtrack that he made himself for the same film with him in the leading role… well, I thought the movie was excellent too as I remember watching it on Netflix not too long ago. That’s what made me want to get the soundtrack album sometime so I picked up the soundtrack album from Itunes over the weekend since it was $4.99.

I listened to it once over the weekend and the album blew my fucking mind. Prince was a genius for sure and now I can see why he means so much to so many. I’m not gonna deny the guy is extremely popular.

I’m amazed at how melodic Prince’s music is and his guitar playing is killer too. I loved all 9 songs on the album but course, the album’s title track “Purple Rain” is always a beautiful song. Prince proves that all you need is like 4 or 5 chords to write an anthem. It’s a beautiful record for sure, though.

I’m probably gonna get into his music more but I won’t get every album ’cause he has a large discography. I’ll just get the good ones. Prince was a great artist just never got into his music much. He was a great songwriter for sure.


RIP: Prince Rogers Nelson aka Prince 1958 – 2016

I wasn’t a very big fan of Prince over the years of my life but of course, I’ve heard most of his well-known hits like most people and I’ve also remembered seeing the movie, “Purple Rain” in which he starred the leading role in.

I just never bought any of his albums, though but I respected his legacy and respected what he did to the industry. I just wasn’t a big fan of his songwriting ’cause his music wasn’t my cup of tea but I do think he is a phenomenal guitar player, though. That can’t be denied.

Today’s been weird. Two celebrity deaths announced in one day… Chyna and now Prince.

RIP Prince and condolences go out to his family, friends and fans.


White House holds a private concert party with only 500 invited… Prince and Stevie Wonder were there to perform…

Hmmmmmm, this is interesting and worth getting my thoughts on. The Obama White House threw a private invite-only party over the weekend with only 500 people allowed. They were doing it to celebrate African-American Music Appreciation Month. Even Sasha and Malia were there to attend the party.

The White House is being very secretive and very tight-lipped about it.



Why did this party had to be secret? Don’t expect to see any bootleg videos of the performances ’cause I’m sure they weren’t allowed to videotape anything and I’m sure the invites mobile phones were taken away.

What’s new in the Obama world, hey? They’re secretive and tight-lipped on almost everything!

Again, why did this party had to be secret? Who was invited to that party that they didn’t want the press to know about? Like always, Obama has something to hide. What was it they didn’t want the press to see in there? Maybe there was all kinds of alcohol and drugs going on. Not just champagne or wine… I’m talking booze like beer & hard liquor. Maybe they were partying real hard? There were probably all kinds of drugs going on. Obama smoking crack with his gay buddies.

Either way, there had to be something or someone in there they didn’t want the press to know about.


Prince and Warner Bros. finally buries the hatchet… the Purple One will release re-issues and new album…

Prince and Warner Bros. have feuded for years over some legal bullshit which I don’t know much about but the two finally decided to kiss and make-up. For a long while now, Prince have been releasing albums independently and now it looks like he is on a major label again. The deal will include a new album with new original songs, a re-issue of “Purple Rain”, and albums of unreleased material.

I wasn’t much of a big fan of Prince but I did like the “Purple Rain” album, though. Prince have been out of the mainstream spotlight for years now and looks like he’s about ready to make a huge comeback.

Will a world tour follow the new releases? A full fledged tour haven’t been announced yet but I wouldn’t surprised if that’s coming.

I’m sure his fans are excited and thrilled. He still has a huge fanbase out there.



Prince @ the Grammy’s last night…

So Prince, the pop star behind the “Purple Rain” fame, made a surprising apperance at the Grammy’s last night. I didn’t expect to see him ’cause it seems Prince has been keeping himself out of the spotlight for the past couple of years or so. When he walked out on that stage, I said to myself, “Wow, Prince is so short”. Yeah, he stands pretty short, and doing a little research, Prince stands about 5″ 2′. Even though he was an award presenter, he seemed like he wasn’t in a good mood. Usually when award presenters hand out an award, they usually joke around or talk before they announce the nominees, but Prince didn’t talk much at all. He just did a quick, “Here are the nominees for…”, and that was it. It looks like he just went on there to promote himself and get recognized again. It seemed he didn’t care for the show. Well, he did positively say that he liked the Gotye song before he handed out the award. It was interesting to see Prince again. I’m a fan of Prince, sure, but just his earlier music during the Purple Rain era.


Report: Prince slams the internet, says it’s dead and compares the world wide web to MTV, he actually brings up valid points!!!

Prince explains why he wouldn’t allow his new album, “20Ten” to be available to download at Itunes because he thinks the internet is dead and it’s very much like MTV.

Read more on what he has to say here:


Prince may be a huge dick and an egomaniac, sure, but to be fair to him, I agree with him and he brings up valid points, seriously. The internet was once cool in the early 90’s, when the world wide web wasn’t that mainstream, but now that the internet is part of pop culture media, this is what Prince means when he compares the internet to MTV.

Prince is not the only music artist that hates Itunes. Kid Rock and Garth Brooks are no fan of Itunes either.

It might not be fair for fans of these artists, but hey, what can I say? It’s their music. They write it. They own it. So music artists have all their right to sell it how they please. Respecting the owner’s work with heart is what everyone should do. This is America, musicians do what they want to do. Doing whatever they feel it’s right for their music.


Report: It’s the Purple One’s turn to pay the price…

Prince, mostly known for threatening to sue his own fans for using either his music or even photos without his permission, has lost a lawsuit against a video editor for not returning video equipment that belonged to him.

Video editor Ian Lewis sued Prince last year for $1.2 million but the judge denied his claims ’cause he failed to prove that Prince never returned the items and failed to prove that Prince broke a computer by never showing the judge any receipts.

Prince is ordered to pay $57,600 for the items that he rented that he never paid although the other lawsuit was thrown out and dismissed. Prince himself was not in court in person but his attorneys were.

More on it here:


Prince now knows what it’s like being sued. Maybe this will teach this prick to not be sue happy to his own fans. How does it feel to get sued Prince? Don’t like it do ya? HAHAHA!!!!


Report: Prince on a suing rampage again, but this time against a record label doing a cover album of his songs…

The Purple one just won’t stop being such a threat to the music business! This man is evil. EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL! Prince is suing a Norway record company that is releasing a 5 disc Prince tribute album. An 81 track album featuring musicians and artists from the country of Norway covering nothing but Prince songs. Prince and his teams of lawyers is demanding the label to stop the project immediately and destroy all copies of music made of the album. All the artists involved with this project weren’t paid, they were just doing it for fun and to respect the legend that Prince is but of course, Prince don’t care about his own fans!

While this project may be stopped, the bands and aritsts on the album still have the Prince covers available on their websites or myspaces, so expect Prince to go after the artists too.

Rollingstone reports:


Wow! Now Prince doesn’t like musicians covering his songs! Pretty hilarious considering that he’s the one that stole Radiohead’s song “Creep” which he completely ignored Radiohead’s request to keep it in youtube. For once I agree with Rollingstone, he is a fucking hypocrite.

I understand musicians being protective over their music all they want, but Prince is being way too protective of himself. A selfish man who deserves no career in the music business, retire Prince ’cause everyone’s HATES YOU!



Whose Side Are You On: Radiohead vs. Prince…


Prince is on another war against youtube again! This is nothing new isn’t it? Videos of Prince covering Radiohead’s hit song of “Creep” at this year’s Coachella is being removed from youtube by the request of the Purple One himself. *ahem* HELLO, PRINCE! YOU DID NOT WRITE THE SONG!!!!

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke is calling out on Prince trying to remind him that “Creep” is Radiohead’s song, not Prince’s. And Thom Yorke is exactly right, Radiohead wrote the song “Creep”, they own the copyright. So if Radiohead wants the Prince version up on youtube, it should stay up.

More on it here:


I’m siding with Radiohead all the way. I used to respect Prince but now I fuckin’ can’t stand the guy anymore. Prince is an egomaniac and a control freak. The dude only cares about himself and the money and fame he makes with the music. He could care less about his fans or Radiohead fans.

Radiohead owns the copyright to “Creep”. When performing live shows, famous and unsigned artists have the right to cover any song they please, but if they release a cover song on an album or video, bands would of course need the original artist permission.

Prince is a fucking hypocrite for whining about his fans using his work without his copyright permission when he should look at Radiohead’s work with youtube. Fuck Prince and his music.

I give the former Prince fans credit for making Prince Fans United and fighting back at this asshole. Kudos to Thom for speaking out about this! Boycott Prince’s music career already!



Report: Prince does surprising cover song by playing Radiohead’s “Creep” at last night’s Coachella festival…

Prince was the big headliner at the huge Coachella Festival that got big media coverage over the week. Prince performed at Saturday’s concert, this is a three day weekend festival. Coachella music fest took place at the Empire Polo Field in Indio, Calfornia. Think a legendary pop/rock icon like Prince is not a fan of Radiohead? Think again. It appears Prince is a very big fan of  Radiohead by covering the song “Creep” at last night’s Coachella. He also performed a handful of other surprising cover songs by The Beatles and Sarah Machlachan, and of course, he did mostly original songs in his set.

Prince’s setlist from last night:

The Bird (performed by Morris Day) / Jungle Love (performed by Morris Day) /  Glamorous Life (performed by Sheila E.) / Instrumental Jam / 1999 / I Feel For U / Controversy (with snippet of “Housequake”) / Little Red Corvette / Musicology / Cream / U Got the Look / Shh / Anotherloverholeinyourhead / Creep (Radiohead cover) / The Arms of an Angel (Sarah McLachlan cover performed by backup singers) / 7 –> Come Together (Beatles Cover) / Purple Rain / Let’s Go Crazy

Some of the other artists that performed this weekend so far are: Jack Johnson, The Verve, The Raconteurs, the Breeders (remember their hit “Cannonball”?), Serj Tankian, Portishead, Death Cab For Cutie, country singer Dwight Yoakam, Kate Nash, Mark Ronson (Amy Winehouse’s friend and sidekick), Flogging Molly, and more.

Today’s lineup for Sunday at Coachella Fest lineup include: Roger Waters, My Morning Jacket and a bunch of bands I never heard of before. I’ll imagine Roger Waters is the headliner for tonight’s festival and I’ll be keeping an eye out for his setlist too.