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Prince’s “Purple Rain” album is really is a masterpiece… beautiful album for sure…

I may be late getting into Prince’s music but late is better than never, right? I never bought a single Prince album in my life so I thought I would finally start getting into him. Of course, I picked his “Purple Rain” soundtrack that he made himself for the same film with him in the leading role… well, I thought the movie was excellent too as I remember watching it on Netflix not too long ago. That’s what made me want to get the soundtrack album sometime so I picked up the soundtrack album from Itunes over the weekend since it was $4.99.

I listened to it once over the weekend and the album blew my fucking mind. Prince was a genius for sure and now I can see why he means so much to so many. I’m not gonna deny the guy is extremely popular.

I’m amazed at how melodic Prince’s music is and his guitar playing is killer too. I loved all 9 songs on the album but course, the album’s title track “Purple Rain” is always a beautiful song. Prince proves that all you need is like 4 or 5 chords to write an anthem. It’s a beautiful record for sure, though.

I’m probably gonna get into his music more but I won’t get every album ’cause he has a large discography. I’ll just get the good ones. Prince was a great artist just never got into his music much. He was a great songwriter for sure.


Prince and Warner Bros. finally buries the hatchet… the Purple One will release re-issues and new album…

Prince and Warner Bros. have feuded for years over some legal bullshit which I don’t know much about but the two finally decided to kiss and make-up. For a long while now, Prince have been releasing albums independently and now it looks like he is on a major label again. The deal will include a new album with new original songs, a re-issue of “Purple Rain”, and albums of unreleased material.

I wasn’t much of a big fan of Prince but I did like the “Purple Rain” album, though. Prince have been out of the mainstream spotlight for years now and looks like he’s about ready to make a huge comeback.

Will a world tour follow the new releases? A full fledged tour haven’t been announced yet but I wouldn’t surprised if that’s coming.

I’m sure his fans are excited and thrilled. He still has a huge fanbase out there.