Report: Led Zeppelin to perform at the Grammy awards? Eh, sort of…

Robert Plant and Allison Krauss will be performing at the Grammy Awards. I never watch the Grammy’s anymore but I’ll watch it just for that one performance and then I’ll probably switch the channel after. I love the Robert and Allison project. I wish people would appreciate the Robert and Allison bluegrass project rather than obsess with the Led Zeppelin reunion. The Robert and Allison duo is a full time thing, it isn’t a side project for Robert, he is committed to it.

Do yourself a favor and buy the album “Raising Sand” if you haven’t yet, and you would see why Robert loves the project so much. It’s one of the best albums I’ve heard in years. One record I can never get tired of listening to.

I think Robert and Allison will one day be bigger than Zeppelin. While I am a die hard and obsessive Led Zep fanatic, I do not want the reunion tour to happen. Let the O2 Dec. 10th 2007 gig be their final and last good show. Leave the legacy at a positive note. Don’t let the nostalgia of Led Zep overshadow Robert and Allison.

More on it here:


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