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Keep in mind Paul McCartney is a Beatle, that man loves to party and I’m sure he parties hard too!

Back in the old days, the Beatles were hard partiers when they were kids. They did a lot of weed when they were kids and in the 70’s around the psychedelic era… the band experimented with harder drugs especially LSD. It’s no surprise to me that Paul McCartney is still a party animal.

As you can see in the video below, Sir Paul was hanging out with Beck, Taylor Hawkins and a female friend of theirs (a girlfriend of Beck’s maybe?).They were trying to enter the club where rapper Tyga was hosting a Grammy after party at and all of a sudden the security wouldn’t allow Sir Paul and his friends in.

As I watch the video, you can tell that Sir Paul was definitely really drunk already. Maybe stoned too. In the video, Paul couldn’t take the security’s bullshit and left for a different club.


Tyga himself who hosted the partied where Sir Paul and his friends were denied entry claims that Tyga had nothing to do with it. Do you believe him?

It is such bullshit, though. How can you not allow Paul Fucking McCartney in? If Kanye was there, he would have been allowed in even without a VIP pass.

Some of you may say, why would Paul want to party at a nightclub full of stars? Well like the title of the topic says, Paul is a party animal and his partying ways never changed ever since he was a kid. I think the security were a little jealous of Paul ’cause he’s probably the biggest celebrity there.

I bet Paul is fun to party with too. Imagine partying with a drunk Paul McCartney? I’m sure it’ll be a blast and he could make you laugh for sure.


Beck came a long way to where he is today…


If you read Beck’s bio online, you would see that Beck came a long way to get where he is today. He didn’t get where he is today over night. Back when Beck was a nobody, he started out as a folk, country and blues musician. At the time, he couldn’t get gigs so he started performing Mississippi John Hurt covers on a city bus in Los Angeles. At that time, Beck was a real-life “Loser” which inspired him to write that smash radio hit for the “MellowGold” album. As a teen, Beck struggled to get a job and tried to get a place to live on his own but with little success he decided to move to New York City to become involved in the folk scene in the Manhatten area. When that didn’t work out, Beck moved back to Los Angeles. Beck got a job at a video store and started getting actual gigs booked at art clubs and coffeehouses. He later got signed to BMG music after he made a demo in a friends living room in L.A.

Later in the early 90’s, Beck signed with Geffen records to release the Mellow Gold album. While the album was a smash hit and made no. 13 on the Billboard Top 200, the album suffered a backlash from critics ’cause of it’s weird sound and controversial lyrics, remember that? In the beginning, Beck struggled in the music industry and tried very hard to become the successful artist that he is today.

After “Mellow Gold”, Beck finally got accepted in the music industry with his hit album “Odelay” which was his best selling album. Then he went on to make other albums such as “Mutations”, “Sea Change”, “Midnight Vultures”, etc. Beck never stayed in one genre of music. He always switched from rock, folk, blues, jazz, hip hop, dance, etc. If you listen to his album “Midnight Vultures”, most of that album is a disco and dance album.

Whether you like Beck or hate him, you still need to give him the respect and kudos after he went from playing Mississippi John Hurt songs on a bus to being a Grammy winner for “Album of the Year”. Beck produced most of his own albums, played most of his own instruments. Beck really did work hard to earn that Grammy.

I wonder how Beyonce got where she is today? Oh that’s right, she got manufactured by record labels by getting her start through the R&B and pop group, Destiny’s Child. Beyonce only made 5 solo albums in her career and Beck have been making albums longer than her. Beyonce also had roles in a bunch of movies. Most of Beyonce’s music is all samples and the same beat throughout the whole song. She needed a bunch of songwriters and producers to help make her the music and Beyonce is considered an icon in today’s industry? Seriously?

I really hate today’s industry. Today’s music industry is a joke all-around.

Beck is a real and true music artist. He’s one of the few “real” music artists left, anyways. I’m glad he finally got his recognition. The Grammy’s did make the right decision. I’m gonna grab the “Morning Phase” album from Itunes soon.


Beck has no negative grudge against Kanye… Beck says he has nothing but respect for him…

Taylor Swift may have been upset at Kanye interrupting her but did Beck get upset? No. Beck is actually pretty cool with it! As a matter of fact, Beck seems flattered that Kanye tried to go up to the mic.


I understand Beck, though. I’d be flattered if I got interrupted by Kanye too.

I didn’t think Beck would win “Album of The Year”. I too kept thinking Beyonce was gonna win it no matter what.

So Beck said he aspires to be like Kanye. Well that’s no surprise. If you’ve listened to Beck’s music over the years like I have, you would hear that almost 80% of Beck’s music is rap/hip hop a little bit. Listen to his “Mellowgold” and “Odelay” albums for proof. Beck has always written a mix of folk, pop, rap & hip hop music over the years especially songs like “Beercan” in which you can hear in the video below.

I’m very happy for Beck for his surprising Grammy win! I’ve listened to his music for many years. I haven’t heard his new album “Morning Phase” yet but I’m gonna grab it from Itunes soon.

While most of last night’s Grammy’s were a joke there were actually two good things about last night’s show… Ac/Dc performing and Beck winning “Album of the Year”.

I do agree that Kanye is an arrogant and egotistical jackass but who cares. There are too many artists and musicians out there who are just as bad as he is.

I understand Kanye’s love for Beyonce but Beyonce used like 20 producers for her latest album while Beck produced, “Morning Phase” all by himself. Plus, Beck is a real musician who plays his own instruments and writes his own songs. He’s not a manufactured artist like Beyonce. So the Grammy’s made the right decision for once!


The Grammy’s thoughts…

Yes, I did watch the Grammy’s last night ’cause I had nothing else better to do and I watched the show just for laughs alone. Predictably most of it was a pretty bad show but I think this year’s was the worse but thankfully Ac/Dc saved it at the beginning of it. I’m glad they put Ac/Dc as the first performer, otherwise we would have to get struck through a bad show just to see them. Ac/Dc killed it as expected! The band played their own instruments… there was no miming and lip-syncing to a backing track. Ac/Dc can really play and Brian Johnsonw was really singing. You can tell the band was doing everything for real! I think it’s safe to say that Ac/Dc was the only good thing about last night’s show. Ac/Dc is real music there and the band showed the Grammy’s artists how to really perform live!

Anyway, most of the show last night was boring ’cause there were way too many live performances and less awards given. I mean, really? Most of the performances the artists performed slow ballads. I was bored to tears when Lady Gaga and Tony got up there.

I even hated Kanye West’s performance… all he did was stand on a light with smoke coming out of it and moving his arms around while lip-syncing to a backing track.

The Awards given to was laughable as usual except I was pretty surprised that Beck won for “Album of the Year” for his newest album, “Morning Phase”. I used to like Beck but not anymore. I stopped liking Beck after the “Odelay” album ’cause I liked his earlier stuff more when he was doing the folk music thing like all the stuff he did on the “Mellowgold” album, that’s the kind of Beck I wanna hear. Beck has gone a bit too pop, in my opinion but I’m still happy for him that he won, though. Beck winning is better than Beyonce winning.

One thing I was disgusted with last night’s Grammy’s was that they ended the show with a “Black History Month” kind of thing and they payed tribute to the movie, “Selma” and that little thug, Michael Brown. I mean, really? I think the only reason they did that ’cause it was their way of making liberals and the black community happy ’cause their Beyonce didn’t win, “Album of the Year”. The Grammy’s did that ’cause they didn’t want to anger Al Sharpton and the race baiters. It was proven over and over again, that Michael Brown was a criminal and thug… and they just honored him last night. Typical liberal Hollywood! Nothing new there.

I’m sure Al Sharpton and the racebaiters are gonna be pissed that Beyonce didn’t win “Album of the Year” but they need to get over themselves and they need to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around them, that’s not how life works, ya know?

Once again, Ac/Dc was the only good thing about last night’s show and I’m glad to see Chris Slade back in the band.


Report: Beck releasing new album this summer…

Singer/songwriter Beck Hansen, or better known as “Beck” is releasing another new album this summer. No release date has been confirmed yet but this album is produced by some guy named Danger Mouse. The album title is not yet revealed and the album will include only 10 tracks. Beck has been made famous for his popular albums like “Mellowgold” and “Odelay”. In his younger days before his career, Beck started off as a folk singer playing small cafes and coffeehouses until he got big and famous. Now he plays music in all genres from acoustic folk, hip/hop, dance, rock, etc.

Beck’s latest album was “The Information” which was released back in 2006.

Billboard reports:


Not sure what genre Beck is heading to in this album because Beck does a different genre every album he does, kind of like Neil Young. I don’t care what genre Beck does, I love all the music he does. I have several of Beck’s albums in my CD collection and he is one of my favorite artists believe it or not.