Keep in mind Paul McCartney is a Beatle, that man loves to party and I’m sure he parties hard too!

Back in the old days, the Beatles were hard partiers when they were kids. They did a lot of weed when they were kids and in the 70’s around the psychedelic era… the band experimented with harder drugs especially LSD. It’s no surprise to me that Paul McCartney is still a party animal.

As you can see in the video below, Sir Paul was hanging out with Beck, Taylor Hawkins and a female friend of theirs (a girlfriend of Beck’s maybe?).They were trying to enter the club where rapper Tyga was hosting a Grammy after party at and all of a sudden the security wouldn’t allow Sir Paul and his friends in.

As I watch the video, you can tell that Sir Paul was definitely really drunk already. Maybe stoned too. In the video, Paul couldn’t take the security’s bullshit and left for a different club.

Tyga himself who hosted the partied where Sir Paul and his friends were denied entry claims that Tyga had nothing to do with it. Do you believe him?

It is such bullshit, though. How can you not allow Paul Fucking McCartney in? If Kanye was there, he would have been allowed in even without a VIP pass.

Some of you may say, why would Paul want to party at a nightclub full of stars? Well like the title of the topic says, Paul is a party animal and his partying ways never changed ever since he was a kid. I think the security were a little jealous of Paul ’cause he’s probably the biggest celebrity there.

I bet Paul is fun to party with too. Imagine partying with a drunk Paul McCartney? I’m sure it’ll be a blast and he could make you laugh for sure.


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