Women in facebook do this, it’s so true… I see it all the time!!!


I think it’s pretty clear that women are obsessed with facebook memes for sure. You see women posting them all day and everyday. Some memes are positive and some are negative. They usually flood their walls with facebook memes when shit goes down in their lives like for example… 1) Having feuds with their former friends 2) They post memes as a way to attack their ex-boyfriends/husbands… you get the deal. They usually do that stuff when drama happens in their lives and I guess this is their way of “venting” and getting things out of their system.

I don’t post too many facebook memes. I only reshare the ones that catches my eye. Most of my posts in facebook are mostly political stuff, movie reviews and music. I don’t use my personal facebook page to post “personal” things.

When women get obsessed with facebook memes, you can immediately tell what’s going on in their life like having arguments with friends & family, attacking their ex’s or whatever. When they start posting that stuff, you know something is not good in their life.

Facebook drama. That’s all it is. I try to stay away from facebook drama as much as I can ’cause you know how “gossipy” and “dramatic” people can be in facebook. I don’t have time for that garbage. I got better things to do. If I wanted to vent about something going on in my life, I’d write a song about it… that’s better in my opinion.


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