Report: Beck releasing new album this summer…

Singer/songwriter Beck Hansen, or better known as “Beck” is releasing another new album this summer. No release date has been confirmed yet but this album is produced by some guy named Danger Mouse. The album title is not yet revealed and the album will include only 10 tracks. Beck has been made famous for his popular albums like “Mellowgold” and “Odelay”. In his younger days before his career, Beck started off as a folk singer playing small cafes and coffeehouses until he got big and famous. Now he plays music in all genres from acoustic folk, hip/hop, dance, rock, etc.

Beck’s latest album was “The Information” which was released back in 2006.

Billboard reports:

Not sure what genre Beck is heading to in this album because Beck does a different genre every album he does, kind of like Neil Young. I don’t care what genre Beck does, I love all the music he does. I have several of Beck’s albums in my CD collection and he is one of my favorite artists believe it or not.



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