What the new “Superman” movie needs to be successful…

How do you make a “Superman” movie successful? Simply put, it needs to be right. It needs to stay true to the Superman comics and give what the fans want.

In my belief, here is what fans want to see in the upcoming Superman flick that WB’s and Christopher Nolan is planning:

  • Keep the John Williams main opening title theme song – They need to keep this theme song. Without it the movie would bomb terribly. If they had a different score composer do a different theme song, it would create a huge backlash from fans. You know, the music where they show outer space and the text just fly at you through the stars. They need to keep that
  • Less Lois Lane and Clark Kent/Superman romance – Haven’t we’ve seen enough of this already?
  • Keep the Marlon Brando flashback, make it longer, and make it have more meaning and more powerful. The Marlon Brando sequence for “Superman: Returns” was special but it needs to be better. I think Christopher Nolan could help WB’s make that scene better.
  • Good acting with Lex Luthor – If they’re going to use Lex Luthor as a villain in the next one which they probably will, I’d suggest they find an actor with talent. It shouldn’t be Kevin Spacey again. They really need a special actor who can make this Lex Luthor role to be good enough for an Oscar potential. Maybe good enough to top Heath Ledger’s Joker at least.
  • Use a villain that hasn’t been used in any of the films before – Brainiac is a perfect choice. Hope they use him.
  • Make it action packed – The action in Bryan Singer’s “Superman: Returns” was pretty good but honestly there wasn’t a lot of action in that movie. It focused more on the story and the Lois Lane/Superman romance. Christopher Nolan will probably make this new movie action packed and violent just like his Batman flicks. The movie needs to be a fun action ride at the edge of your seat just like “The Dark Knight” was.
  • Superman needs to save people – Again there wasn’t a whole lot of this in “Superman:  Returns”. Superman needs to save more people in Metropolis.
  • The Superman/Clark Kent actor shouldn’t be a big name star, should be an unknown. Christopher Reeve was an unknown when he got signed for “Superman- The Movie”, they need to do the same for the next one.
  • Make the movie long – “The Dark Knight” was quite a long flick, pretty much a little over 2 and a half hours. “Superman Returns” was about that long too. The next movie should be long. If it’s going to be a short 90 minute film, that would dissapoint Superman fans.
  • Have great sounds and great special effects – I’m sure there would be both. I especially expect the next Supes flick to have great theater surround sound. Imagine loud crashing sounds and explosions that could sound like a rumble of thunder through your speakers. Aaaaaaahhhhh, I love that. For example, Superman fighting Brainiac in Metropolis, crashing into buildings and all that fun stuff. Just imagine that fight scene Brainiac vs. Superman. This is why I hope they use Brainiac ’cause that would be an awesome villain.



Edit to add: I thought I would add a nice video from the “Superman” cartoon where Superman fights Brainiac. Imagine if there was a live action version of the Brainiac vs. Superman fight scene on the big screen. See how cool Brainiac would be as the next villain.

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