Finally saw “Bruno” last night, brief review here…

For the first time, I finally saw the movie, “Bruno” on DVD last night. I’ll have to say that I was quite impressed with the movie, it actually wasn’t that bad. I liked it. It wasn’t actually a comedy I saw. I saw it as more of a serious movie and it was very political. Sacha Baron Cohen plays an Austrian gay fashion reporter who dreams of becoming a famous celebrity. So he does whatever it takes to become famous. Be it, either at a fashion show, trying to get captured by terrorists, adopting a baby, a sex tape with Ron Paul, etc. All those crazy things don’t even work so he keeps trying. There was humor in the film, but I think Sacha Baron Cohen was trying to send a political message with this Bruno character. The film seemed like it was focusing on the world of current events in the news. Terrorism, war, celebrities adopting babies, gay marriage, etc. The material in the movie maybe a bit on the wild side, but without the crazy content the movie would be nothing. Sacha Baron Cohen is NOT gay in real life, this is just a fictional character he created. Sacha Baron Cohen has been involved with Isla Fischer for years now and just married her earlier this year.

I think the message that Sacha is trying to send is that he is trying to mock and humiliate the homosexuality world that has been all over entertainment media and politics as of late. I am not gay and you don’t have to be to watch this movie. There’s a lot of shock factor in this movie, but there is a reason why this movie is so crazy. It’s not a comedy at all, that’s why it is not as funny as “Borat”. It’s a satire, a movie about something real. If you’re scared to watch this movie, don’t be. It was actually kind of inspiring. Sacha is a controversial person and you just never know what he’ll come up with next. Check this movie out, good film.


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