New Chucky film, “Cult of Chucky” is gonna be a straight to video release… why???

Well the trailer for “Cult of Chucky” is here and it looks great! Remember that little kid from “Child’s Play 1 & 2”? His name was Andy Barclay, well he’s back too and he’s a full grown man in this one. Andy Barclay was played by the same actor, Alex Vincent. I believe this film is a continuation of “Child’s Play 2″… film is taken place years after that film.

Why is this film being a straight to video? This film was made by Universal Studios, it’s a major film company so it’s pretty weird that a major studio would make this a straight to video film. Maybe movie theaters thought that the film was too gruesome that they refused to screen it? Sometimes that happens.

I’m a huge Child’s Play fan. Love all the Chucky films but the first two Child’s Play films will always be the best. “Cult of Chucky” looks really good so I’ll be looking forward to buying the BluRay when it comes out. I’m a big horror movie fan. I’ve always loved to watch horror films. I’ve been watching them my whole life.



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