Lets not forget Kate Steinle today…

While the media is obsessed with Mika Brzezinski getting attacked by Trump, there is not one word about Kate’s Law vote through the media today. Why is that? Anything to get our minds off Kate. They think we’re going to forget but we won’t.

Today is a big day for Kate and that’s what “Kate’s Law” is about. Kate Steinle, a beautiful girl who was gunned down by an illegal alien for no reason. She was just enjoying her day with her father and that’s all she was doing.

Liberals, keep making lies about how illegals aren’t dangerous animals. This is why we gotta get the illegals the hell out of our country and close the borders  ’cause illegals will be coming over to kill our loved ones. I’ve had it with liberal America kissing up to illegals.

Hopefully Kate’s Law gets passed through the House and Senate so it can get to the president’s desk. Same with “Sanctuary Cities Defunding” bill. Sanct. Cities need to go too. Will we say hello to “Kate’s Law” and say goodbye to Sanct. Cities? I predict will see both. Be ready for more winning, NeverTrumpers!

I’m not a big Ted Cruz fan but he did good with “Kate Law’s”.


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