Media is now playing innocent victim and calling Trump a bully… sad…

If you want to know my thoughts on this whole Trump attacking Mika Brzezinski on twitter, making fun of her plastic surgery and all that well… I think she deserved it totally and had it coming.

You see, Mike has been bashing Trump publicly on her dumb show for a long while. She’s the one who called him “Mentally Ill” and she didn’t think Trump would respond?

Isn’t it interesting how when people talk trash about you but when you do the same thing to them, you’re the bad guy? I feel Trump ’cause I go through the same fucking thing. All the time. People talk trash about me publicly all the time but when I decide to talk trash back, it gets me into a lot of trouble. I’ve been kicked off on certain message boards online in the past because of it. It’s interesting how when people treat you badly but when you do the same to them, they don’t like it.

That’s what’s going on right now with Trump and the media. Ever since the election started, the media bashes Trump and makes lies about him 24/7, so Trump calls out the media aggressively and they don’t like it. Media plays innocent victim and cries out that “Trump is bullying them”. Lmao… please!

Now they don’t like it when Trump bashes Mika on twitter. That’s even more funnier. This is the same media who said that Trump has got health problems, made fun of him for his weight, his hands and his hair.

This is nothing new…. each time a so-called news journalist attacks Trump, he attacks back and then he’s the bad guy all of a sudden. Flashback: This happened with Megyn Kelly. She did nothing but attack him throughout the primary elections and when Trump calls her out for it, he’s the bad guy and people sides with Megyn instead of Trump. That is messed up. Now the same thing is happening with Mika. De ja vu???

You see media, respect isn’t begged for. It is earned. If you want your respect back, then stop the “Fake News” bullshit and bring back “Real News”. That’s what the American people wants to see. You want people to stop calling you “Fake News” then do your jobs and bring honest journalism back. Stop trying to ram liberalism down our throats and start being honest on both sides of the spectrum.

You all call Trump a bully? How come no one called Barack Obama a bully when he spied on news journalists, targeting conservatives through the IRS and crying about how he didn’t get gun control through the Senate? How about when Obama left 4 Americans dead in Benghazi and no one lifted a finger to save them? If that’s not being a bully, I don’t know what else it is.



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