Daniel Day-Lewis’s next move after retirement? Media claims he wants to become a dressmaker but of course, Hollywood is angry…

There are rumors out there that Daniel Day-Lewis maybe becoming a dressmaker. You know design dresses for women and all that stuff. Keep in mind this is just Hollywood media claiming that. They said the sources came from “friends” so don’t believe it just yet, take it with a grain of salt.


Even if it turns out true that he’s becoming a dressmaker, good for him. It could end up being false ’cause it could be the media’s way of trying to persuade Daniel Day-Lewis not to retire. The media and Hollywood are already trying to persuade him not to retire. So far Daniel himself has been pretty quiet about his retirement ever since it was announced by the media.

My opinion? Just leave the guy the hell alone and let him to do what he wants to do! It’s his life so more power to him. He just wants to move on and do something different. Have more time for himself. He’s a very rich man so he doesn’t have to work anymore if he doesn’t want to.

It seems that when most actors retire from the business they get so rich that they don’t need to work like for example… other actors who retired: Rick Moranis, Gene Hackman, Goldie Hawn, Sean Connery, Kate Capshaw, Meg Ryan, Jonathan Taylor Thomas and many other actors who quit Hollywood all of a sudden.

I’m not sure if Jack Nicholson is retired or not but maybe “semi-retired”… I think Nicholson still works occasionally. Not sure, though. I thought Kurt Russell was retired but he’s out of retirement now.

I can’t blame actors for wanting to retire. They probably got burnt out and they also made so much money that they don’t need to work anymore. Hollywood is a pretty tough job. You know how long an actor works a day? They shoot all throughout the day and all of the night. They work a lot of hours. They spent years of their life working on films and they probably had enough of it.

If it’s true that Daniel wants to get into dressmaking then that’s cool. He probably wants to do a job that is not as overwhelming as Hollywood. Just leave him alone. He wants to move on and that’s the end of it.



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