Gal Gadot is happy for $300,000 payday for “Wonder Woman” movie…

Gal Gadot, who is the star of “Wonder Woman” finally spoke out of her payment that she got for making the film. Fans were outraged when they found out that Gal only got paid $300,000 for the role and they accused Henry Cavill for making a lot more for “Man of Steel”.

Read the full story here:

All those fans complaining and whining about Gal’s pay are probably die-hard feminists or what I call them, “feminazis”. Those typical leftist feminazis who cry out “equal pay for women” in Hollywood.

That was great of Gal to say that. Looks like she’s not worried about money in the movie business. She acts in films ’cause she loves it.

I actually saw the “Wonder Woman” movie in theater and it was surprisingly great. I loved it.

All those feminazis in Hollywood should listen to Gal and I’m sure they’re pissed off at her. Those Hollywood actresses who whine about “equal pay” in the business are annoying. Gal knows that money isn’t everything and she’s a smart woman. Kudos to you, Gal!


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