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Gal Gadot is happy for $300,000 payday for “Wonder Woman” movie…

Gal Gadot, who is the star of “Wonder Woman” finally spoke out of her payment that she got for making the film. Fans were outraged when they found out that Gal only got paid $300,000 for the role and they accused Henry Cavill for making a lot more for “Man of Steel”.

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All those fans complaining and whining about Gal’s pay are probably die-hard feminists or what I call them, “feminazis”. Those typical leftist feminazis who cry out “equal pay for women” in Hollywood.

That was great of Gal to say that. Looks like she’s not worried about money in the movie business. She acts in films ’cause she loves it.

I actually saw the “Wonder Woman” movie in theater and it was surprisingly great. I loved it.

All those feminazis in Hollywood should listen to Gal and I’m sure they’re pissed off at her. Those Hollywood actresses who whine about “equal pay” in the business are annoying. Gal knows that money isn’t everything and she’s a smart woman. Kudos to you, Gal!


TV director, Michelle Maclaren to helm her first big budget big screen movie… “Wonder Woman” it is…

If I remember correctly, Michelle Maclaren was the one who directed that one shocking, “Walking Dead” episode that I remember. That one episode when the Walking Dead cast had that big barn shootout and Carol’s daughter ended up being a walker.

Michelle also directed a few episodes for other iconic TV shows such as “Game of Thrones” and “Breaking Bad”. Looking at her filmography, I don’t think she ever did big budget films so I guess you can consider, “Wonder Woman” being her directorial debut for the big screen. She spent many years of her life working on TV and it must be amazing for her to get asked by Warner Bros. to helm the “Wonder Woman” standalone movie.

Gal Gadot will still star as Wonder Woman for the film as well.


I hope Michelle does a good job and makes us a good “Wonder Woman” movie. I think it’s finally time for female superheroes to get the spotlight.

I know Warner Bros. have been trying very hard to make a “Wonder Woman” big screen movie since 1996 but they never got it off the ground until now. I remember Joss Whedon was originally attached to write and direct “Wonder Woman” but later on he changed his mind and said no so the film didn’t happen.

Gal Gadot has a busy career up ahead of her. She’s gotta star in “Batman Vs. Superman”, then her “Wonder Woman” movie and then the upcoming “Justice League”.

I’m sure Michelle will make the “Wonder Woman” film fun and exciting. Looking forward to seeing what she’s gonna do with the film. Congrats to Michelle on a big opportunity.


Zack Snyder finally reveals new Wonder Woman!!!

As expected, I knew Zack was gonna give Wonder Woman a completely different look. Something different than the usual red, white, yellow and blue costume. I like the new Wonder Woman costume. I’m glad Zack still made her sexy and hot looking the way she’s supposed to be. She has a new weapon I see, a sword and I see she still has her lasso which is a good thing. Glad Zack didn’t ditch the lasso, you can still see it.

People complained that she’s too skinny? I agree but maybe that’s the way Zack wanted her? Zack probably wanted her to be skinny. He didn’t want Gal Gadot to be similar to Lynda Carter. Gal’s Wonder Woman doesn’t show cleavage while Lynda Carter did. Even though this Wonder Woman doesn’t show cleavage, still sexy though. Glad she’s still showing legs.

When Gal Gadot was first announced as Wonder Woman, she got a lot of negative criticism and now this photo has finally came out, she is getting nothing but praise now. Weird isn’t it? This is why you shouldn’t negatively judge early. Zack knows what he’s doing.

I love the new Wonder Woman. Great job Zack!!!

Now lets see a pic of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor soon please.


Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman for “Batman/Superman” film…

Warner Bros., and Zack Snyder has announced that they have found their Wonder Woman for the upcoming, “Batman/Superman” film. Actress Gal Gadot has been hired to play Wonder Woman. I don’t know much about Gal Gadot. In fact, I’ve never even heard about her until she was announced for this film. Then I read that she was in a “Fast and Furious” film or two. I think I remember her from “Fast 6” when I saw that film in theater earlier this year.

WB’s choice of her is getting mixed opinions but I like the choice. She’s a total hottie. I’m reading a lot of complaints that people are saying that Gal is too skinny to be, Wonder Woman. I’m like really? Wonder Woman is supposed to be skinny. Lynda Carter was real skinny when she played the character for that TV show.

I’m excited for Wonder Woman… she’s finally gonna be on the big screen for the first time! If this film is a success which I’m sure it will be, hopefully Wonder Woman will be getting her own spin-off film. I’m sure Gal will play Wonder Woman for the “Justice League” movie as well. Can’t wait to see Gal in the Wonder Woman suit!!!