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Many music artists sign “open letter” in favor of gun control… hypocrites… ALL OF THEM!!!

I hate it when libtard celebrities and music artists join in on the fight for “gun control” bandwagon. A lot of music artists that you love wrote an open letter and many music artists signed it. Take a look at the list of artists that signed the letter, a lot of your favorites are probably on here: Alanis Morrissette, Barbara Streisand, Beck, Sting, Billy Joel, Bob Weir, Elvis Costello, Bonnie Raitt, Eddie Vedder, Cher, Iggy Pop, Rivers Cuomo, Joan Jett, etc. The list keeps going.

Conan O’ Brien even signed it.


They’re all hypocrites, all of ’em ’cause I’m sure many of these artists have armed bodyguards everywhere they go and armed security at their concerts. Really fuck ’em.

I’m no fan of most of those people on there anyways except I’m still a fan of Billy Joel, Joan Jett and the Grateful Dead but I’ll still support them for their music… not their left-wing political views.


Trump wasn’t congratulating himself over Orlando, you bunch of dumbasses, geeez…

Trump posted that tweet several days ago and the dumb NeverTrump crowd is still going off about this. The media and the NeverTrump crowd claimed that Trump was congratulating himself about Islamic terrorism when it comes to the Orlando attack.

If you actually read what he’s saying, he doesn’t want to hear all the congrats about him being “right”. Instead he wants people to be more tough, vigilance and smart. I don’t see how he’s being a selfish egomaniac in that post when he’s simply looking out for us, ya know?

It’s bullshit that people have to act this way but each time Trump opens his mouth, people gotta be like, “Oh no… Trump said something so offensive”, “Oh no, Trump sad something wrong”, “Oh no, Trump said this and Trump said that”. They know he said nothing wrong, they just gotta hate, hate, hate. That’s all they can do. It’s real sad that the NeverTrump crowd have to worry about everything Trump says when they should focus on things that really matter like getting our country back.


The reason why people can’t see that “Gays are For Trump”… censorship is key…

Trump has won over the LGBT community. Most of the LGBT crowd turned their backs on Bernie, Hillary and Obama. However, most people on the internet are having a hard time seeing that gays are for Trump ’cause why? Like the title of this blog post says, “Censorship is key”.

For example:

1. Mainstream media won’t report that “gays are for Trump”

2. Social media like facebook/twitter censors the #GaysForTrump hashtag. #GaysForTrump won’t be allowed in trending topics.


Like I said in a post before… the media and social media doesn’t want you to know that gays are supporting Trump now ’cause why? Like I said, it’ll make liberals look bad if they knew that gays are for Trump. They don’t know that yet. If liberals found out that gays are supporting Trump, that would offend them and get them outraged. That would get liberals hating on the gay community and the media wants to stop that from happening. You see what I’m saying? It’s just the media and social media trying their best to protect “liberalism”.

Liberals would get mad at gays for supporting Trump simply because gays are against Islam now. Liberals still have sympathy for Islam and still believe they are “peaceful”. They still think there is nothing wrong with Islam.

How did gays wake up about Islam? Well you can thank Milo Yiannopoulos for the most part… check out this article he wrote at breitbart:


Milo aka “Nero” has been getting a lot of popularity as of late due to getting his speech interrupted by Black Lives Matter.

While it’s bullshit that gays are getting censored, that’s okay ’cause all that proves is liberal bias in the media. I thought it was “homophobic” to bully gay people and criticize them. That makes the media hypocrites over their gay rights movement. This is not giving gays their rights by censoring them and that’s bigotry. Gays deserve to be heard about Islam. Where is Bruce Springsteen when you need him? I thought Springsteen was a big “gay rights” champion? I guess not.


Video: Did Obama just admit that he’s Muslim in response to Orlando shooting?

I’ve been saying for a long time on my blogs that Obama is a Muslim but all everybody did was brush it all off and kept saying he isn’t. I think Obama just admitted that he’s Muslim in this video. If you look at 17:27, Obama just pointed his index finger to himself and says, “They want US to validate them”.

Yep, I think he definitely just did admit that he’s Muslim. I know Obama defenders would come on here and say that I’m taking it out of context but I understand what he’s saying clearly. He points a finger to himself when talking about Muslims and he says the word “US”. He’s saying that he’s part of the Muslim group.

Obama admitting he’s Muslim during speeches is nothing new, btw. He admitted it in past speeches before.


Liberals are probably losing their minds that gays are for Trump now…

If you believe Bernie, Hillary and Obama are a friend to the LGBT community… you are sadly mistaken. They don’t care about the gay community at all. Bernie, Hillary and Obama are using the LGBT as a way to stay in power and that’s all they care about. Those three I mentioned apparently has sided with the Muslims over gay people. That’s why the LGBT crowd is upset at those three. It’s why gays have turned their backs on Bernie, Hillary and Obama. They are realizing that Trump has more respect for the gay community than anyone out there.


I know I’ve been all over this lately about gays supporting Trump and waking up about Islam so you’re probably thinking, “I’m starting to worry about Brock”. Like I said before, I’m not gay at all and 100% straight but I just find it amazing that gays has turned their back on liberals. It’s just incredible stuff so for that reason, I’m supporting the LGBT community even more. Even though I still disagree with gay marriage, I’ll still support the gays ’cause I respect them for waking up about Islam.

I’ve noticed that liberals have decided to stick with Muslims instead of the gay community which is predictable. Liberals thought conservatives hated gays but they’re finally realizing that we don’t. Us conservatives support our gay people in this country and it’s driving liberals crazy. They thought the “LGBT” thing was a liberal thing but not really. It doesn’t matter what your political views are to support gays.


Does Bernie really care about gay people? I think no…

Bernie just tweeted that today. He says that blaming an entire religion when it comes to terrorism is bigotry. Notice how Bernie was careful not to mention Islam and “gays” in one tweet. He’s just another coward who refuses to say that Islam is responsible for this attack.

As soon as Bernie posted that tweet, I’m sure the entire LGBT community just turned their back on him. In other words, they just stopped supporting him. Why? Bernie fails to mention that people killing gays is bigotry too. Gays getting murdered in cold blood is definitely bigotry and Bernie fails to mention that. Bernie appears to be a gay activist huH?

When Bernie made this statement about the attacks, he was willing to bring up LGBT up in facebook but again refuses to mention “Islam”:

No wonder you don’t see Bernie fans saying anything about this attack is ’cause he’s good at brainwashing them.

Hey Bernie, this is not just an attack on the LGBT in Orlando, it’s an attack on ALL Of the LGBT. It’s not just an attack on all of the LGBT, it’s also an attack on the American people over all. Bernie fails to mention that as well.

I hate Bernie Sanders so much and I hate his insane followers as well. I don’t think Bernie really cares for the gay community.

The left is going crazy ’cause they are realizing that they can’t support both LGBT and Islam at the same time. I’m noticing that liberals have decided to side with Islam ’cause I’m not seeing too many liberals showing sympathy for the LGBT community. It’s just crazy and messed up.

I’ve been called homophobic for years and liberals should be proud that I’ve sided with the LGBT crowd now. They should be happy but apparently they aren’t. When Bernie says that blaming Islam is bigotry, killing gays is bigotry too. Also, gays have woken up about Islam and they are calling Islam evil for hating gays. Islam hates gays and that’s not bigotry as well?

If you look at Bernie’s tweet, what he’s really saying is that gays are bigots for criticizing Islam. Calling gays “bigots” is “bigotry” so Bernie better watch what he says. He’s a messed up and delusional old man. Shame on people for supporting that old clown.


If you want proof that gays has woken up about Islam, check this out…

Sorry liberals but I think you’re gonna see the gay community turn their back on Hillary and Bernie. I think they just did. Hillary and Bernie don’t care for gay people… Obama doesn’t either.


So let me get this straight…

So far the groups on the Trump Train:

– White Americans
– Black Americans
– Women
– Hispanics
– Asians
– Bikers
– LGBT community

Landslide win for Trump in Nov.!!!


Why the media won’t say that the LGBT community woke up about Islam…

The LGBT community has woken up about Islam. The Gay community are talking trash about Muslims all over the internet if you look around. There are people in the LGBT community calling Muslims terrorists now after the Orlando shooting. To me this is amazing to see, that gays have finally woken up about Islam. I knew the time was coming. The gays has even woken up about Iran ’cause being gay is illegal in that country. Today, I’m seeing a lot more gays jumping aboard the Trump Train.

Muslims hating homosexuals is nothing new ’cause that’s what the Quran teaches them, look it up here. In Islam, being gay is punishable by death. Islam opposes homosexuality whether you’re a Muslim or not.


The reason the mainstream media won’t say that the LGBT finally woke up on Islam is ’cause they know the liberal community will turn their back on the LGBT community. When liberals see that the gay community are calling Muslims terrorists, that would offend the liberal community. Liberals would hate the gay community for that. It would make their “equal rights” activism look bad. That’s why the media is keeping quiet that the LGBT community has woken up about Islam. They’re still trying to protect “gay rights” in America is why. Media doesn’t want to upset liberals.

So if the media puts “gays” and “Islamic terrorism” in the same sentence in the headlines, that would be pretty risky for the liberal community. It would make them look bad. You see what I’m saying?

While it’s amazing to see that the gay community has finally woken up about Islam, I wish liberals in America would have the same feelings. Nope. Instead, liberals are still brainwashed by the media and liberal politicians that there is nothing wrong with Islam. What would it take to get liberals to wake up too? Liberals are still blind and dumb.

I don’t care what anyone thinks, I don’t like Islam at all. Everybody deserves to know that Islam is evil and disgusting including liberals. Islam is evil. I’m NOT a fan of that so-called religion at all. I’ve been bashing Islam on my blogs for years and don’t regret it. Speak loud and proudly.


Prayers go out to Orlando, FL… media pisses me off so much…

So a Muslim gunman and registered Democrat goes in a gay bar called Pulse in Orlando Florida and kills & injured a bunch of people in the LGBT community. Like usual the dishonest media won’t call things like they really are. Media won’t call it “Islamic terrorism” and they won’t say who the victims really are. In other words, the media won’t say that the victims were gays, lesbians and transgenders partying at Pulse. That’s why you won’t see liberals mention LGBT when it comes to the Orlando gay bar shooting. Most of the mainstream media keep calling it a “Nightclub” which is actually a gay bar.

And also, liberals want to accuse Conservatives like me of being “homophobic” which is totally untrue. Us “right-wingers” do care about the LGBT community and after this shooting, makes me want to care about the LGBT even more.

I hate the media so much. Like usual liberals keep blaming guns when they refuse to admit that Islamic terrorism is responsible. It’s been widely known for years that Muslims kill people for being gay. Example of this is that Iran hangs people for being gay. It’s against the law to be gay in a Muslim country like Iran.

Why aren’t I seeing liberals putting the rainbow in their profiles to honor the Orlando victims? It’s because the liberal media refuses to say who the victims are. They don’t want it known that Muslims kills homosexuals. That’s why they refuse to say LGBT and Islamic Terrorism. Media refuses to call it “terrorism” but instead they call it “mass” shooting which is dumb.

I get called “homophobic” all the time by stupid liberals but I’m not “homophobic” at all. I care for gay people, for sure. Like I said above, this shooting makes me want to care for them even more.

I think it’s finally time for the gay community to turn their back on Obama, Hillary and other liberal politicians. I think the gay community should support Trump now.