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Cool Video: Brock goes to Sea World part 2 – The Whale Show and Penguins

Last part of my Sea World adventure, this is the exciting part of the whole Sea World park, the Whale Show and seeing the Penguins were both totally unreal, so I had to put them both in one video.

Universal Studios footage coming up soon!



Report: Whale at Sea World kills woman trainer…

This is totally unreal! If you think deep sea creatures like sharks,whales or whatever can’t kill people for real like in the movies, think again. This is just like the movies but in real life! A woman trainer was discussing whales to a group of tourists at Sea World park, while she was still in the pool. Somehow the whale, named Tillikum, found it’s way into the pool on it’s own. It flew in the air and out of the water, then grabbed the trainer by the waist, started thrashing her around like crazy.

More on it here:


So sad, and shocking. RIP to that woman. Bad things will happen to that whale now? Wonder what they’ll do for punishment? Kill it or let it set free back out in the ocean where it belongs?