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Joe Rogan speaks on Milo controversy with Milo’s former friend, Gavin McInnes… doesn’t sound like they’re defending Milo at all… sorry Milo fans!

So, Milo fanatics on the internet have been wondering if Joe Rogan will come forward in defense of Milo. Well, sorry to disappoint you all but Joe Rogan did a podcast with Milo’s former friend, Gavin McInnes and they talked about all this controversy. They don’t sound like they’re defending Milo at all and they both seem very angry with Milo. Joe never said the video was edited and Joe talked about the things Milo said on his show.

I listened to this full video and it’s interesting to listen to. To be honest, I think Gavin is more interesting than Milo.

Sure, there has been other celebrities out there trying to normalize “pedophilia” but everybody should be held accountable for it, including Milo. So because other celebrities say things like that doesn’t give the right for Milo to do the same. I think it’s disgusting when all people do these things.

Milo defending himself and saying all these things: “Oh, I exposed pedophiles in my career before and I’m horrified by “pedophilia”. The video was edited”. It’s all lies and sad to see all of these Trump supporters fall for them.

Since Joe Rogan doesn’t seem to be defending Milo at all, there’s your proof right there that the video wasn’t edited. I think Simon & Schuster pulling Milo’s book and CPAC disinviting him to speak was all the right thing to do. This is not a coordinated attack by liberals at all. Milo’s blaming this on liberals. He’s doing this to himself. Karma. If Milo was really innocent then he wouldn’t have resigned from Breitbart, he wouldn’t be apologizing and backing down.

I love my fellow Trump supporters but I don’t agree with them defending Milo. That’s so disappointing and sad. Not all Trump supporters are defending Milo though, there are some Trump supporters who stopped supporting Milo right away but not enough of them. Even a lot of Trump supporters can be uneducated, naive and dumb. Milo totally deserves all this stuff he’s getting. Fuck him.



Conservatives never cared about “gays” until Milo came around… so shut up Paul Joseph Watson!

I find it funny how all these so-called “conservatives” jumping on the LGBTQ supporting bandwagon as soon as Milo reached his popularity and then Trump started showing his support. These “conservatives” were anti-gay until Milo came around. So these conservatives are all about “gays” now?

Coming from people who fought so hard for “traditional” marriage, gets offended over transgender bathrooms, went after those who refused to bake cakes at gay weddings, helped stood by Kim Davis who refused marriage licences for a gay couple, etc. etc. etc. Did conservatives forget about all that and now they are all for LGBTQ? Paul Joseph Watson even had a hand in all that anti-gay stuff I listed.

Conservatives don’t like being called “homophobes” and here they are calling people “homophobes” for hating on Milo.

Saddens me to see all these conservatives and Trump supporters defending Milo. I thought they were better than that. Milo is a freak and I was disgusted with him even more after that press conference he did. I don’t trust Milo and you shouldn’t either. I don’t care what someone’s sexual orientation is. If someone is a piece of shit well, they’re a piece of shit. It’s about character of a person.

I don’t think that Joe Rogan video was edited at all. Milo is only saying all this stuff just to defend himself and he’s lying to you for sure. Milo’s 15 minutes of fame will be over with soon. Milo will be forgettable. The media is not trying to take him down. Milo is doing this to himself. This is what karma is all about.


Milo says “bankruptcy” is worse than child molestation at his press conference… this guy is twisted and a lunatic… Trump supporters keep defending him…

One more thing about all this Milo stuff going on…

Milo said during his press conference today:

“It’s not the worst thing that’s ever going to happen to you,” he said. “And I know that some people will find that in itself to be an outrageous statement, but it simply isn’t the worst thing that will ever happen to you. Going bankrupt is worse.”


Wow. Milo keeps saying “indefensible” comments about child molestation. The more he talks about it, the more it seems that he’s trying to normalize it. It’s even more insane that Trump supporters continue to defend him and stay by his side after that.

Like I said before, I speak for myself. I don’t speak for conservatives or liberals. Gotta be real so just because everyone else has the same opinion doesn’t necessarily mean I have to agree with them on everything.

I’m now beginning to think that me supporting Milo was a big mistake. Maybe all the Milo haters were right after all that this guy is nothing but a bully and a troublemaker. Let him stay banned off twitter. Fuck him.

This guy Milo is a guy who released a pic of himself in a bathtub full of pig’s blood so go figure. So he is obviously desperate for attention and would do anything it takes to make a name for himself which he is doing a good job of.

Keep defending him Trump supporters or else you’ll look like you’re trying to normalize child molestation just like liberals are trying to.

I still support President Trump, though. It’s just that I don’t have to support Milo just because he supports Trump. Will I ever get back to supporting Milo? I doubt it but unless Joe Rogan comes forward and if he can prove that tape was edited then maybe but until then I won’t support Milo for now. So far, Joe Rogan has been silent on this issue so maybe he will speak out soon? I wouldn’t be surprised that Joe Rogan would say that the tape wasn’t “edited” at all and Milo really said those things, you shouldn’t be surprised either.



Can’t really support Milo anymore, think I’m pretty much done with him…

I really can’t support Milo anymore and can’t really defend him either. Many are claiming (including Milo) that the video that got leaked was edited by media but it doesn’t seem like it was edited to me. Here’s the full and original podcast on video and Milo talks about that at about 2:20 in that video. Milo clearly said that him having sex with that priest was “consensual”.

He definitely did seem to have no problem with older men having sexual relations with young boys of minor age and then when this controversy broke out in the media… Milo seems to be backpedaling immediately and now playing the innocent victim.

Whether this was considered “pedophilia” or not, either way it’s still sick and still illegal. It’s still “statutory rape” even if his sexual relations with the priest was consensual, the priest still should have been arrested.


I don’t know why all these conservatives and Trump supporters are defending Milo ’cause I can’t. I’m done supporting Milo, I think. I had to dislike his FB and I won’t buy his book either if he happens to find a new publisher.

He had my back for a long while ever since he got physically assaulted by a Black Lives Matter supporter at one of his events from last year (remember that?), I also had his back when he got banned off twitter for writing a Ghostbusters review and stood behind him behind all the riots for his speaking events but I’m gonna give up on him and let him fight his own battle. He’s on his own.

I know I might lose some respect from some Trump supporters out there and conservatives but I don’t give a shit. It’s about being real and having common sense, ya know?

Defending Milo for this is pretty hard and difficult. I don’t think I’ll write about him anymore and this will be the last time. It’s time to focus on other things like “Making America Great Again”.



What I liked about the Milo and Bill Maher interview on HBO…

When it was said that Bill Maher just booked Milo Yiannopoulos for his “Real Time” show on HBO for a special interview segment, it’s been expected by Trump supporters that Milo was gonna send Bill to smackdown hotel. Ya know, Milo give Bill a verbal beatdown but many Trump supporters were disappointed that the interview didn’t turn out to be that way. Instead, Milo and Bill were very nice and friendly to each other. The debate turned out to be very “civilized” which to me is amazing.

Trump supporters seem disappointed in Milo for this but I think this is great. Ya know? I think heated debates and controversial political discussions are getting old and tiresome. It doesn’t hurt to get along for once. Yes, it is very possible that a conservative can get along with a liberal quite well and this is proof of it.

While Bill Maher is a very liberal guy, I have no problem with him. Bill is actually one of the very few liberals who is actually pretty cool. Why? Probably because Bill is more tolerant to others views and beliefs. Watch his show for proof on that. Bill has interviewed other conservatives on his show lots of times and he allowed them to speak their minds.

This is what a civilized liberal vs. conservative debate looks like, folks. Tolerance. We need more of it especially online.

Everyone wants to view Milo as this “controversial” person but once you actually see him, you’ll be disappointed that he turned out not controversial at all. You’ll immediately see that Milo is a likeable person after all. Milo seems like a nice guy and down to earth to me. I don’t see how Milo is “controversial”. He just a Trump supporter like the rest of us. Milo is just speaking all the same things we’ve all been thinking.

I’m tired of the media and liberals trying to paint conservatives as “controversial” when we are not actually that at all. We’re just regular people just like you and me. Enough with the labelling.

I think Bill looks surprised when he saw that Milo isn’t “controversial”, you can tell by the look on Bill’s face. Bill is looking at Milo like: “Woah, this is not the Milo that I thought he was”. They ended up being friendly together.

This was a great interview. I really enjoyed it. I’m a huge fan of Milo. I’m not gay at all, I’m perfectly straight but I just admire how he’s not afraid to speak his mind however he wants to. Milo is the shit. I’ll be buying his book when it comes out this year for sure.



The MSM thinks”Liberalism” is for blacks and gays but they fail at that goal…

A lot of people out there are having a hard time seeing that there are black conservatives and gay conservatives out there in this country. It may not seem like it but yes, there are black conservatives and gay conservatives in this country. A lot of people think Liberalism is for blacks and gays but it’s not always going to be like that. Deal with it. Nobody knows about some blacks and some gays being “conservative” but they do exist.

That’s why liberals become so shocked and get all scared when they find out that there are black conservatives out there such as Dr. Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Sheriff Clarke, Pastor Mark Burns, Stacy Dash and others.

And there are gay conservatives out there … so far the most well-known gay conservative I can think of are Milo Yiannopoulos and Peter Thiel. Maybe throw in Caitlyn Jenner in that list too, I would think.

It’s funny ya know, whenever the left finds out there are black and gay conservatives… they can’t find a way to call them “racist” or “homophobes”. That’s why the media and liberals are calling Milo an “extremist”and “white nationalist” ’cause they can’t find a way to call him a “homophobe”. So they think of other ways to call him names and make him look bad.

The MSM tries to make “liberalism” just for a certain group of people but they fail at that goal ’cause there are all kinds of other people with all kinds of political views. The media needs to realize that not everyone sees the world the same way they do and it’s one of the reasons why we’re all getting fed up with their shit.

Media tries so hard to fight for peace and love for “blacks” but when a black guy happens to be a conservative, the media is like, “Oh no, he’s a bad person”. Then they waste all their time trying to smear him ’cause of his conservative views. Isn’t that kind of racist to bash a black person ’cause of his/her conservative views?

The same thing with the media and liberals that try to destroy Milo and Peter Thiel, isn’t that kind of homophobic?

This country makes it seem like that being “conservative” is like a bad thing. I try not to view myself as a “conservative” guy but I guess I am pretty conservative and quite proud of it, really. I’ve gotten treated badly by a lot of people ’cause of my conservative views, yes. Shame on the media, I totally blame it on them.

We don’t make fun of liberals for their intolerance for no reason. I used to have left-leaning views in the past during the Bush years but my views started to change when Obama became president. That’s when I became a conservative ’cause Barack Obama helped make me become one, lol. The way liberalism is now, I don’t want to see myself as a liberal at all. I feel sorry for liberals today. They’re all being brainwashed by the MSM which is sad to see. I try my best to tell liberals not to believe the MSM but sure enough, they don’t listen to me. It’s real sad that they only listen to the MSM and not real people like us.

Anyways, back to black and gay conservatives… not a lot of people know they exist ’cause the MSM refuses to let people know. Why? Because it’ll make liberalism look bad. They want to protect liberalism and make it look good most of the time. It’s messed up, I know. It’ll mess up their views of “race relations” and “equality” goals if they did let people know they exist.

A lot of people in facebook, man… they don’t know that Milo is gay. They know that Milo was supposed to host a speaking event at Berkeley but if the MSM said he is a gay conservative, that would have freaked out liberals in social networking. That’s why they’re silent on his orientation.

Our media is so corrupt and dishonest. Can’t you see it? If you take everything they say seriously then you’re not very smart at all.





Most of the MSM refuses to say Milo Yiannopoulos is gay when reporting about the Berkeley College violence at his speaking event…

Once again, the left spent years fighting so hard defending gays but they attack Milo Yiannopoulos who happens to be a gay guy. I thought they wanted “equality for all” but unless a gay person is conservative and a Trump supporter, they’re not allowed “equality”. While the liberal MSM is reporting about violence at Berkeley College, they of course refuse to call it what it really is, “a riot” (it’s not a protest).

Most of the media refuses to say what Milo’s sexual orientation is but when they do bring up his homosexuality, they attack him like this article here:


I’ve repeatedly stated before that I’ve always thought the left’s “equality for all” was such a joke. “Equality for all” should go both ways even for gays with different political beliefs.

There’s no reason to invade Milo events. The only reason he’s being attacked is ’cause he’s a Trump supporter and that’s it, really. They’re also scared of him ’cause he’s a gay conservative which they’ve never seen before.

While the riots at Trump and Milo events are horrible and they need to stop, Trump needs to do something about George Soros. George Soros is the one funding these riots and he’s in charge of them. Soros needs to be locked up. Why won’t President Trump mention Soros or why won’t Trump say Soros is behind the riots? Trump probably doesn’t know who’s behind the riots yet. Well he should know. Everybody knows Soros is behind them all.

The left better be careful when they attack Milo events. This will solve nothing for them. The only thing that will happen is that this will help make Milo become a best selling author. He has a book coming out called, “Dangerous” which is about to hit bookstores in March. I am absolutely buying this book when it comes out in March:

I see nothing wrong with Milo. Trying to wake people up and saying all the same things we’ve all been thinking.



Liberals bashing Milo Yiannopoulos ’cause he’s a gay “conservative” is homophobic… I thought they were about equality for all? Guess not…

I’m offended. Want to know why I’m offended? It’s because liberals are bashing the hell out of Milo Yiannopoulos simply because he got a book deal and libtards are losing their shit over it. Milo is a gay conservative who writes columns at Breitbart News. For the last 8 years under the Obama presidency, it was considered “homophobic” if you opposed gay marriage or homosexuality overall. Well liberals are bashing the hell out of Milo ’cause he’s a gay conservative. Liberals thought the homosexual lifestyle were for liberals only but they thought wrong. Maybe this is why liberals are losing their shit ’cause they’ve never seen a gay conservative before. Yes, gay conservatives are real and they are out there. There are gays that oppose “gay marriage” and Milo is one of them.

I thought liberals were all about “equality for all”??? They are such champions for gays and Milo is everything liberals want but they are bashing him for his “conservative” beliefs? I always knew that their “equality for all” thing was such a joke. Gay rights should go both ways, not on one side of the spectrum.

Liberals bashing Milo cause he’s a gay conservative… funny ’cause these are the same people who goes after Donald Trump and his supporters ’cause they think we hate “homosexuals”. They are hating someone who is “gay”. I think liberals are just surprised to find out we don’t hate gays ’cause we are a fan of Milo and he’s a Trump supporter. They’re just so used to seeing the LGBT community being strictly for the liberal community which isn’t really. They are shocked to find out that gay conservatives do exist after all.

Once again, liberals being exposed for the hypocrites like they are. They fought so hard to get people to stop hating gays, yet they are hating on someone who is gay now. Liberals should be in jail for hate crime and they need to get banned off the internet too. I’m offended and they need to be stopped. They are homophobic, bigoted and hateful losers.


Milo Yiannopoulos lands book deal, “Dangerous” to be released March 14th…

I would definitely buy this book. I’ve been a big fan of Milo for a long while now. When this book comes out in stores, I wonder how many book stores in America will refuse to sell it? I’m feeling that some bookstores will ban the book just like some did to Dinesh D’ Souza.

The question you to have to ask is this, will Milo’s book titled, “Dangerous” become a huge bestseller? Oh yes, absolutely it would! I think it’ll sell big ’cause Milo is very popular. Milo is as big as Donald Trump so it’ll probably sell huge. So if you think it won’t sell and you think it could bomb in sales then you’re delusional.



I’m definitely gonna buy it when it comes out ’cause I’ve been reading Milo’s columns on Breitbart for a long while and I follow his youtube channel. He’s an entertaining as hell guy. Love how he tells the truth about Islam, Black Lives Matter and all that stuff.

I think it’s crazy that he got banned off of twitter over Leslie Jones in which he didn’t deserve that at all. It’s just that twitter hates conservatives and Donald Trump supporters. Period.

What got me interested in Milo? I started supporting him after the Florida nightclub shooting and that’s when Milo started telling the truth that Islam oppresses gays. That was when Milo’s popularity skyrocketed.

I’m looking forward to reading the book and I’ll buy it on hardcover when it comes out. It’s gonna be a good read for sure. I’ve been reading Milo’s columns on Breitbart, saw a few of his public speeches in youtube so I already know he’s interesting. I agree with most everything he says. He nails it on the head every time. Big fan of this guy! Congrats to him on the new book. I’m sure it will sell big!


Why I no longer support the new “Ghostbusters” team, simply because they can’t take criticism…

In the past, I used to support Paul Feig and the new Ghostbusters ’cause I was feeling sorry for them of all the criticism & hate they were getting so I used to defend them. I used to back them but not anymore. Maybe all the critics of the new “Ghostbusters” was right. This stupid movie shouldn’t have been made. Shouldn’t have been made at all.

I’ve had the new team’s back up until this thing with Milo vs. Leslie Jones happened. Since Milo was banned from twitter permanently just for writing a review on the new film was the last straw. That’s it… I’m no longer supporting the new “Ghostbusters” ’cause the new team behind the film simply can’t take any criticism.

It seems that Paul Feig, Dan Aykroyd and the ladies who play the new Ghostbusters seems to be very defensive when this movie is being “negatively criticized”. When Ghostbusters fans are criticizing this movie: Paul, Dan and the new Ghostbusters will lash out at the haters. Predictably they’ll accuse us of being “misogynists”.

Here is some advice to Paul Feig and Dan Aykroyd which I know they will never take… “Get over yourselves, you scum bags”. This is the name of the game in Hollywood. This is what people do, “criticize” films. When you release things publicly for the world to see, it’s an open invitation for people to give their honest opinion on. If you’re making a movie and can’t take criticism of any kind then Hollywood probably isn’t for you.

Paul and Dan lives under the delusion that this movie is gonna be “great” and it’s gonna be a “hit”. I think they are lashing out at the haters ’cause they are just fuming, realizing that this movie isn’t a hit and nobody wants to see it so they take it out on everybody.

This movie is just another one of those “woman card” things. It’s like, you can’t criticize ’cause she’s a woman. Kind of like how you can’t criticize Hillary Clinton ’cause she’s a woman. Same thing, ya know? This movie wants to ram feminism down our throats even more. No surprise to see that Paul and Dan are big time feminazis.

The original idea for the next “Ghostbusters” film is that it was gonna be the original four: Bill, Dan, Ernie and Harold continuing on to a third movie training new recruits but since Harold Ramis died… Ivan Reitman dropped out and Paul Feig took over. They changed the story to all females pretty quickly.

When you want to work for Hollywood, you got to be able to handle criticism but unfortunately the new Ghostbusters team can’t take any. It’s obvious they don’t give a shit what the die-hard “Ghostbusters” fans think. They don’t want the new “Ghostbusters” movie to happen. They think the all-female thing is stupid but instead Paul and Dan don’t listen to us. They were committed to making the movie and went ahead and made it anyways. It’s no surprise that the movie didn’t do well on the weekend it came out, though. Despite the movie flopping hard in the theaters, there’s still gonna be a sequel, I heard.

They should have done the smart thing and let the movie die after Harold died and Ivan left but of course, they didn’t do that. It’s pretty clear they made the movie for themselves. They don’t care about the fans at all. They should listen to the fans and give them what they want but they don’t.

Isn’t it funny that Dan Akroyd says that the haters are nothing but 50 and 60 year old white obese men when he should look in the fucking mirror? Dan is a 60 year old white man and look at his weight. Idiot.


I’m done supporting them. That’s Hollywood, though… it’s a crazy industry.