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Liberals bashing Milo Yiannopoulos ’cause he’s a gay “conservative” is homophobic… I thought they were about equality for all? Guess not…

I’m offended. Want to know why I’m offended? It’s because liberals are bashing the hell out of Milo Yiannopoulos simply because he got a book deal and libtards are losing their shit over it. Milo is a gay conservative who writes columns at Breitbart News. For the last 8 years under the Obama presidency, it was considered “homophobic” if you opposed gay marriage or homosexuality overall. Well liberals are bashing the hell out of Milo ’cause he’s a gay conservative. Liberals thought the homosexual lifestyle were for liberals only but they thought wrong. Maybe this is why liberals are losing their shit ’cause they’ve never seen a gay conservative before. Yes, gay conservatives are real and they are out there. There are gays that oppose “gay marriage” and Milo is one of them.

I thought liberals were all about “equality for all”??? They are such champions for gays and Milo is everything liberals want but they are bashing him for his “conservative” beliefs? I always knew that their “equality for all” thing was such a joke. Gay rights should go both ways, not on one side of the spectrum.

Liberals bashing Milo cause he’s a gay conservative… funny ’cause these are the same people who goes after Donald Trump and his supporters ’cause they think we hate “homosexuals”. They are hating someone who is “gay”. I think liberals are just surprised to find out we don’t hate gays ’cause we are a fan of Milo and he’s a Trump supporter. They’re just so used to seeing the LGBT community being strictly for the liberal community which isn’t really. They are shocked to find out that gay conservatives do exist after all.

Once again, liberals being exposed for the hypocrites like they are. They fought so hard to get people to stop hating gays, yet they are hating on someone who is gay now. Liberals should be in jail for hate crime and they need to get banned off the internet too. I’m offended and they need to be stopped. They are homophobic, bigoted and hateful losers.


Milo Yiannopoulos lands book deal, “Dangerous” to be released March 14th…

I would definitely buy this book. I’ve been a big fan of Milo for a long while now. When this book comes out in stores, I wonder how many book stores in America will refuse to sell it? I’m feeling that some bookstores will ban the book just like some did to Dinesh D’ Souza.

The question you to have to ask is this, will Milo’s book titled, “Dangerous” become a huge bestseller? Oh yes, absolutely it would! I think it’ll sell big ’cause Milo is very popular. Milo is as big as Donald Trump so it’ll probably sell huge. So if you think it won’t sell and you think it could bomb in sales then you’re delusional.



I’m definitely gonna buy it when it comes out ’cause I’ve been reading Milo’s columns on Breitbart for a long while and I follow his youtube channel. He’s an entertaining as hell guy. Love how he tells the truth about Islam, Black Lives Matter and all that stuff.

I think it’s crazy that he got banned off of twitter over Leslie Jones in which he didn’t deserve that at all. It’s just that twitter hates conservatives and Donald Trump supporters. Period.

What got me interested in Milo? I started supporting him after the Florida nightclub shooting and that’s when Milo started telling the truth that Islam oppresses gays. That was when Milo’s popularity skyrocketed.

I’m looking forward to reading the book and I’ll buy it on hardcover when it comes out. It’s gonna be a good read for sure. I’ve been reading Milo’s columns on Breitbart, saw a few of his public speeches in youtube so I already know he’s interesting. I agree with most everything he says. He nails it on the head every time. Big fan of this guy! Congrats to him on the new book. I’m sure it will sell big!


Why I no longer support the new “Ghostbusters” team, simply because they can’t take criticism…

In the past, I used to support Paul Feig and the new Ghostbusters ’cause I was feeling sorry for them of all the criticism & hate they were getting so I used to defend them. I used to back them but not anymore. Maybe all the critics of the new “Ghostbusters” was right. This stupid movie shouldn’t have been made. Shouldn’t have been made at all.

I’ve had the new team’s back up until this thing with Milo vs. Leslie Jones happened. Since Milo was banned from twitter permanently just for writing a review on the new film was the last straw. That’s it… I’m no longer supporting the new “Ghostbusters” ’cause the new team behind the film simply can’t take any criticism.

It seems that Paul Feig, Dan Aykroyd and the ladies who play the new Ghostbusters seems to be very defensive when this movie is being “negatively criticized”. When Ghostbusters fans are criticizing this movie: Paul, Dan and the new Ghostbusters will lash out at the haters. Predictably they’ll accuse us of being “misogynists”.

Here is some advice to Paul Feig and Dan Aykroyd which I know they will never take… “Get over yourselves, you scum bags”. This is the name of the game in Hollywood. This is what people do, “criticize” films. When you release things publicly for the world to see, it’s an open invitation for people to give their honest opinion on. If you’re making a movie and can’t take criticism of any kind then Hollywood probably isn’t for you.

Paul and Dan lives under the delusion that this movie is gonna be “great” and it’s gonna be a “hit”. I think they are lashing out at the haters ’cause they are just fuming, realizing that this movie isn’t a hit and nobody wants to see it so they take it out on everybody.

This movie is just another one of those “woman card” things. It’s like, you can’t criticize ’cause she’s a woman. Kind of like how you can’t criticize Hillary Clinton ’cause she’s a woman. Same thing, ya know? This movie wants to ram feminism down our throats even more. No surprise to see that Paul and Dan are big time feminazis.

The original idea for the next “Ghostbusters” film is that it was gonna be the original four: Bill, Dan, Ernie and Harold continuing on to a third movie training new recruits but since Harold Ramis died… Ivan Reitman dropped out and Paul Feig took over. They changed the story to all females pretty quickly.

When you want to work for Hollywood, you got to be able to handle criticism but unfortunately the new Ghostbusters team can’t take any. It’s obvious they don’t give a shit what the die-hard “Ghostbusters” fans think. They don’t want the new “Ghostbusters” movie to happen. They think the all-female thing is stupid but instead Paul and Dan don’t listen to us. They were committed to making the movie and went ahead and made it anyways. It’s no surprise that the movie didn’t do well on the weekend it came out, though. Despite the movie flopping hard in the theaters, there’s still gonna be a sequel, I heard.

They should have done the smart thing and let the movie die after Harold died and Ivan left but of course, they didn’t do that. It’s pretty clear they made the movie for themselves. They don’t care about the fans at all. They should listen to the fans and give them what they want but they don’t.

Isn’t it funny that Dan Akroyd says that the haters are nothing but 50 and 60 year old white obese men when he should look in the fucking mirror? Dan is a 60 year old white man and look at his weight. Idiot.


I’m done supporting them. That’s Hollywood, though… it’s a crazy industry.


Why was Milo Yiannopoulos banned from twitter? Is it because a gay conservative gave “Ghostbusters” a negative review?

The popular Breitbart writer, MIlo Yiannopoulos has just been banned on twitter for whatever reason. Why? It has been alleged that Milo has been harassing Ghostbusters actress, Leslie Jones.

Read the full story of what’s going on here…


I’ve been following Milo’s twitter for a long time and I can’t recall any tweets from Milo bashing Leslie Jones at all. The only bashing he did toward Leslie was his review of “Ghostbusters” in the link below where he criticized her bad acting and made fun of her weight a little bit.


Yeah, so Milo trashed her acting and her weight. So what? Big freakin’ deal. That’s what a movie review is supposed to do, “criticize” and bash the things you don’t like. Get the fuck over it, you bunch of crybabies.

Milo himself says in the interview video below that he was banned off of twitter ’cause Leslie didn’t like his review. I totally agree. It’s like, duh? Sounded like she didn’t appreciate him trashing her acting skills and her weight.

I read Milo’s “Ghostbusters” review. I read the whole thing and I didn’t see anything wrong with it, really. Sure, he trashed the women in the movie but once again, that’s what a movie review is supposed to be.

Milo’s fans went over to Leslie’s twitter account and trashed the hell out of her, it wasn’t Milo. That is what prompt twitter to ban Milo permanently.

I see no reason at all for twitter to ban Milo. Sure, he may have insulted her and made fun of her in a review but it was on a Breitbart site, not on twitter so what the fuck?

I think the only reason twitter banned him ’cause they found he is a gay conservative. Yes, that’s right, he’s a “conservative” and he’s gay. This is just a lousy attempt at the media destroying the guy ’cause they’ve never seen a gay conservative before. It may not seem like it but yes, there are gay conservatives out there. Lots of ’em. They do exist. Homosexuality is not just for liberalism, remember that. We all know how liberal both twitter & facebook really are.

I thought his permanent suspension was unfair. Oh well, who needs twitter, he’s still on facebook and he’s still in youtube.

I thought liberals were champions for gay rights? Leslie Jones is on her twitter page saying hateful and racist things about white people… sure enough, she gets a free pass and everybody sides with her.

For this reason alone, I have decided that I’m gonna avoid the “Ghostbusters” movie like the plague. I used to be interested in it but not anymore. I’m boycotting the new film and won’t even see it when it comes out for rental.

Milo has the right to say what he wants ’cause that’s what a movie review is supposed to do. Hell, I even write movie reviews myself and you all know that.



The reason why people can’t see that “Gays are For Trump”… censorship is key…

Trump has won over the LGBT community. Most of the LGBT crowd turned their backs on Bernie, Hillary and Obama. However, most people on the internet are having a hard time seeing that gays are for Trump ’cause why? Like the title of this blog post says, “Censorship is key”.

For example:

1. Mainstream media won’t report that “gays are for Trump”

2. Social media like facebook/twitter censors the #GaysForTrump hashtag. #GaysForTrump won’t be allowed in trending topics.


Like I said in a post before… the media and social media doesn’t want you to know that gays are supporting Trump now ’cause why? Like I said, it’ll make liberals look bad if they knew that gays are for Trump. They don’t know that yet. If liberals found out that gays are supporting Trump, that would offend them and get them outraged. That would get liberals hating on the gay community and the media wants to stop that from happening. You see what I’m saying? It’s just the media and social media trying their best to protect “liberalism”.

Liberals would get mad at gays for supporting Trump simply because gays are against Islam now. Liberals still have sympathy for Islam and still believe they are “peaceful”. They still think there is nothing wrong with Islam.

How did gays wake up about Islam? Well you can thank Milo Yiannopoulos for the most part… check out this article he wrote at breitbart:


Milo aka “Nero” has been getting a lot of popularity as of late due to getting his speech interrupted by Black Lives Matter.

While it’s bullshit that gays are getting censored, that’s okay ’cause all that proves is liberal bias in the media. I thought it was “homophobic” to bully gay people and criticize them. That makes the media hypocrites over their gay rights movement. This is not giving gays their rights by censoring them and that’s bigotry. Gays deserve to be heard about Islam. Where is Bruce Springsteen when you need him? I thought Springsteen was a big “gay rights” champion? I guess not.