The reason why people can’t see that “Gays are For Trump”… censorship is key…

Trump has won over the LGBT community. Most of the LGBT crowd turned their backs on Bernie, Hillary and Obama. However, most people on the internet are having a hard time seeing that gays are for Trump ’cause why? Like the title of this blog post says, “Censorship is key”.

For example:

1. Mainstream media won’t report that “gays are for Trump”

2. Social media like facebook/twitter censors the #GaysForTrump hashtag. #GaysForTrump won’t be allowed in trending topics.

Like I said in a post before… the media and social media doesn’t want you to know that gays are supporting Trump now ’cause why? Like I said, it’ll make liberals look bad if they knew that gays are for Trump. They don’t know that yet. If liberals found out that gays are supporting Trump, that would offend them and get them outraged. That would get liberals hating on the gay community and the media wants to stop that from happening. You see what I’m saying? It’s just the media and social media trying their best to protect “liberalism”.

Liberals would get mad at gays for supporting Trump simply because gays are against Islam now. Liberals still have sympathy for Islam and still believe they are “peaceful”. They still think there is nothing wrong with Islam.

How did gays wake up about Islam? Well you can thank Milo Yiannopoulos for the most part… check out this article he wrote at breitbart:

Milo aka “Nero” has been getting a lot of popularity as of late due to getting his speech interrupted by Black Lives Matter.

While it’s bullshit that gays are getting censored, that’s okay ’cause all that proves is liberal bias in the media. I thought it was “homophobic” to bully gay people and criticize them. That makes the media hypocrites over their gay rights movement. This is not giving gays their rights by censoring them and that’s bigotry. Gays deserve to be heard about Islam. Where is Bruce Springsteen when you need him? I thought Springsteen was a big “gay rights” champion? I guess not.


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