The NeverTrump crowd really suck at debating, they’re brainwashed by mainstream media…

The NeverTrump crowd really do suck at debating politics. They’re definitely brainwashed by the liberal mainstream media. When you debate with the NeverTrump crowd and ask them why they hate Trump so much, they can never come up with a straight answer. Ya know, if you ask me why I hate Obama so much… I can sit here all day and explain why I hate him. I would get into details about it and be smart about it. You see me on these blogs whenever I trash Obama, I explain why.

The NeverTrump crowd however, when you ask them why they hate Trump… all they do is resort to name-calling. They are really nasty people. They do treat Trump supporters like a pile of garbage. They enjoy calling Trump names. When you debate with the NeverTrump crowd, all they do is call Donald names like “racist”, “bigot” and they call him names like “scum bag”, “idiot”… you get the deal, right? You can never get into any intelligent discussions with the NeverTrump crowd. Whenever they want to bash Trump chances are they’ll post some silly meme from a facebook liberal group like “Being Liberal” or “Occupy Democrats”. They’ll also post articles bashing Trump from liberal media sources like NBC, The Washington Post and places like those. Anything that bashes Trump is from a liberal source.

Liberals are really horrible explaining at why they hate Donald Trump. When they try to explain it’s usually the same responses… “He’s a racist”, “He hates women”, “He’s a bigot”, etc. Usually stuff they hear from the mainstream news media. Usually the NeverTrump crowd can never think of anything positive to say about Trump. It’s always bashing and negativity most of the time. It’s disgusting really. When liberals think like that, it means that they are not fit for debate. They can’t win debates.

I can sit here and explain all day why I love Donald Trump but when you ask a Trump hater why they hate him, it’s always the same name-calling and bashing. I can find plenty of videos for proof that Trump haters usually get stumped in debates. It’s proof that liberals can be pretty mean and nasty people. They really are showing their true colors, absolutely. Liberals accuse conservatives of being “hateful” well, they should look at how they’re treating Donald Trump and other conservative people. They’re such hypocrites for sure. I know liberals can be pretty nasty ’cause I’ve been bullied by a lot of them.

I’m not worried about the NeverTrump crowd anyways ’cause they have a very small audience. They’re just negative and nasty people. Fuck ’em. Shows who they really are.

If liberals want to be taken seriously then they should explain why they hate Donald Trump and be intelligent and honest about it but nope, they get mean and nasty instead. That’s all those fuckers do. Is hate. Liberals cry about “love” and all that stuff well they’re not doing that when all they’re gonna do is hate on conservatives and Republicans all the time. You accuse them of being on one-side, they get all defensive. They deny being on one-side but you know they are.

Liberals are a piece of work, I tell ya. I can’t stand how their views are so damn one-sided. Yep, everything about Democrats is so good but Republicans are trash. When they say liberalism is a mental disorder, they’re so right ’cause it really is.



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