Did the left abandon gays to protect Islam? I would say yes they did… fuck the media…

Interesting tweet posted by Milo here and I totally agree with him. Ever since the Orlando shooting happened, I haven’t seen too many liberals feeling any sympathy for the gay community. FB won’t allow you to turn your profile pics to the rainbow color… only the GLAAD facebook allowed you to do that. I remember in the first term of Obama’s presidency, liberals used to defend and protect gays like mad. After the Orlando shooting, they don’t do that anymore.

Instead it seems that liberals are feeling more sorry for Islam than the gay community. Why do liberals feel more sorry for Muslims than gays? Obviously, liberals feel that Muslims don’t deserve to get called “terrorists” and all that stuff. Liberals feel Muslims don’t deserve to get called violent and evil. Liberals hasn’t woken up on Islam yet ’cause the media is very protective of Islam and also Obama is very protective of Islam obviously. Hillary and Bernie are also protective of Islam. Most career politicians including the GOP are protective of Islam. Nobody wants to see how Islam really is ’cause way too many people are too protective of Islam. It disgusts me.

Liberals claim to care for the gays but I don’t think they really do. If liberals really cared for the gays, they would have done all they can to fight against Islam to protect the gays but you don’t see them doing that, do ya?

That’s why the gays have turned their backs on liberals ’cause liberals aren’t doing anything to protect the gays when it comes to violence. Instead of gays staying on the left, they have turned to the “right”. In other words, many gays has went “conservative”. That’s why a lot of them are supporting Donald Trump now.

This is just fucked up. I don’t think Islam deserves all this protection. Liberals claim to care for the gay community but they still don’t know that Islam hates gays. Liberals really did turn their backs on the LGBT community to protect Islam. It really makes me sick. Liberalism is a mental disorder. Liberals fought so hard for “gay marriage” and they got exactly that so they turned their backs on the gays to protect Muslims? Wow. What a waste for fighting for equality.

I know I talk about this a lot but I’m just very happy that the gays finally woke up about Islam and “liberalism”. They’re not only against Islam, they’re against liberalism now which is amazing. Gays are actually very smart and intelligent people, I’m surprised by that.



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