Liberals bashing Milo Yiannopoulos ’cause he’s a gay “conservative” is homophobic… I thought they were about equality for all? Guess not…

I’m offended. Want to know why I’m offended? It’s because liberals are bashing the hell out of Milo Yiannopoulos simply because he got a book deal and libtards are losing their shit over it. Milo is a gay conservative who writes columns at Breitbart News. For the last 8 years under the Obama presidency, it was considered “homophobic” if you opposed gay marriage or homosexuality overall. Well liberals are bashing the hell out of Milo ’cause he’s a gay conservative. Liberals thought the homosexual lifestyle were for liberals only but they thought wrong. Maybe this is why liberals are losing their shit ’cause they’ve never seen a gay conservative before. Yes, gay conservatives are real and they are out there. There are gays that oppose “gay marriage” and Milo is one of them.

I thought liberals were all about “equality for all”??? They are such champions for gays and Milo is everything liberals want but they are bashing him for his “conservative” beliefs? I always knew that their “equality for all” thing was such a joke. Gay rights should go both ways, not on one side of the spectrum.

Liberals bashing Milo cause he’s a gay conservative… funny ’cause these are the same people who goes after Donald Trump and his supporters ’cause they think we hate “homosexuals”. They are hating someone who is “gay”. I think liberals are just surprised to find out we don’t hate gays ’cause we are a fan of Milo and he’s a Trump supporter. They’re just so used to seeing the LGBT community being strictly for the liberal community which isn’t really. They are shocked to find out that gay conservatives do exist after all.

Once again, liberals being exposed for the hypocrites like they are. They fought so hard to get people to stop hating gays, yet they are hating on someone who is gay now. Liberals should be in jail for hate crime and they need to get banned off the internet too. I’m offended and they need to be stopped. They are homophobic, bigoted and hateful losers.


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