Happy New Year…

Happy new Year, y’all.

Instead of looking back seeing how 2016 was, I’m gonna move forward and see what the future holds.

My 2017 goals and resolutions, I hate doing these things but here goes: keep up with my fitness, stick with boxing and yoga throughout the year, eat a clean nutrition, get myself a full time job hopefully, keep playing my guitar and hopefully write more original music ’cause I need a new batch of songs out, get that internet album in the works. I would like to buy myself a new electric guitar this year too… planning to save up for a good one. I would like to try getting an electric guitar that is more expensive ’cause I always wanted a more pricier guitar for a more professional sound. I’ve always wanted a Gibson Les Paul and one day I’ll get one. Get myself full time work and I’ll start saving for a Gibson Les Paul that costs a couple of thousand.

I have other goals in mind but I would rather keep them to myself.

This year will be good, now that Trump is our next president, I predict the future will be better for everyone. Just give him time and give him a chance is all I ask for. Trump becoming our next president was the best thing that happened in 2016.



One thought on “Happy New Year…”

  1. Happy New Year! Kevin! Your posts are enjoyed and appreciated. Keep on blogging! Here’s to a bright & beautiful 2017! MAGA!


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