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Joe Rogan speaks on Milo controversy with Milo’s former friend, Gavin McInnes… doesn’t sound like they’re defending Milo at all… sorry Milo fans!

So, Milo fanatics on the internet have been wondering if Joe Rogan will come forward in defense of Milo. Well, sorry to disappoint you all but Joe Rogan did a podcast with Milo’s former friend, Gavin McInnes and they talked about all this controversy. They don’t sound like they’re defending Milo at all and they both seem very angry with Milo. Joe never said the video was edited and Joe talked about the things Milo said on his show.

I listened to this full video and it’s interesting to listen to. To be honest, I think Gavin is more interesting than Milo.

Sure, there has been other celebrities out there trying to normalize “pedophilia” but everybody should be held accountable for it, including Milo. So because other celebrities say things like that doesn’t give the right for Milo to do the same. I think it’s disgusting when all people do these things.

Milo defending himself and saying all these things: “Oh, I exposed pedophiles in my career before and I’m horrified by “pedophilia”. The video was edited”. It’s all lies and sad to see all of these Trump supporters fall for them.

Since Joe Rogan doesn’t seem to be defending Milo at all, there’s your proof right there that the video wasn’t edited. I think Simon & Schuster pulling Milo’s book and CPAC disinviting him to speak was all the right thing to do. This is not a coordinated attack by liberals at all. Milo’s blaming this on liberals. He’s doing this to himself. Karma. If Milo was really innocent then he wouldn’t have resigned from Breitbart, he wouldn’t be apologizing and backing down.

I love my fellow Trump supporters but I don’t agree with them defending Milo. That’s so disappointing and sad. Not all Trump supporters are defending Milo though, there are some Trump supporters who stopped supporting Milo right away but not enough of them. Even a lot of Trump supporters can be uneducated, naive and dumb. Milo totally deserves all this stuff he’s getting. Fuck him.



Conservatives never cared about “gays” until Milo came around… so shut up Paul Joseph Watson!

I find it funny how all these so-called “conservatives” jumping on the LGBTQ supporting bandwagon as soon as Milo reached his popularity and then Trump started showing his support. These “conservatives” were anti-gay until Milo came around. So these conservatives are all about “gays” now?

Coming from people who fought so hard for “traditional” marriage, gets offended over transgender bathrooms, went after those who refused to bake cakes at gay weddings, helped stood by Kim Davis who refused marriage licences for a gay couple, etc. etc. etc. Did conservatives forget about all that and now they are all for LGBTQ? Paul Joseph Watson even had a hand in all that anti-gay stuff I listed.

Conservatives don’t like being called “homophobes” and here they are calling people “homophobes” for hating on Milo.

Saddens me to see all these conservatives and Trump supporters defending Milo. I thought they were better than that. Milo is a freak and I was disgusted with him even more after that press conference he did. I don’t trust Milo and you shouldn’t either. I don’t care what someone’s sexual orientation is. If someone is a piece of shit well, they’re a piece of shit. It’s about character of a person.

I don’t think that Joe Rogan video was edited at all. Milo is only saying all this stuff just to defend himself and he’s lying to you for sure. Milo’s 15 minutes of fame will be over with soon. Milo will be forgettable. The media is not trying to take him down. Milo is doing this to himself. This is what karma is all about.


Milo says “bankruptcy” is worse than child molestation at his press conference… this guy is twisted and a lunatic… Trump supporters keep defending him…

One more thing about all this Milo stuff going on…

Milo said during his press conference today:

“It’s not the worst thing that’s ever going to happen to you,” he said. “And I know that some people will find that in itself to be an outrageous statement, but it simply isn’t the worst thing that will ever happen to you. Going bankrupt is worse.”


Wow. Milo keeps saying “indefensible” comments about child molestation. The more he talks about it, the more it seems that he’s trying to normalize it. It’s even more insane that Trump supporters continue to defend him and stay by his side after that.

Like I said before, I speak for myself. I don’t speak for conservatives or liberals. Gotta be real so just because everyone else has the same opinion doesn’t necessarily mean I have to agree with them on everything.

I’m now beginning to think that me supporting Milo was a big mistake. Maybe all the Milo haters were right after all that this guy is nothing but a bully and a troublemaker. Let him stay banned off twitter. Fuck him.

This guy Milo is a guy who released a pic of himself in a bathtub full of pig’s blood so go figure. So he is obviously desperate for attention and would do anything it takes to make a name for himself which he is doing a good job of.

Keep defending him Trump supporters or else you’ll look like you’re trying to normalize child molestation just like liberals are trying to.

I still support President Trump, though. It’s just that I don’t have to support Milo just because he supports Trump. Will I ever get back to supporting Milo? I doubt it but unless Joe Rogan comes forward and if he can prove that tape was edited then maybe but until then I won’t support Milo for now. So far, Joe Rogan has been silent on this issue so maybe he will speak out soon? I wouldn’t be surprised that Joe Rogan would say that the tape wasn’t “edited” at all and Milo really said those things, you shouldn’t be surprised either.



Liberals bashing Milo Yiannopoulos ’cause he’s a gay “conservative” is homophobic… I thought they were about equality for all? Guess not…

I’m offended. Want to know why I’m offended? It’s because liberals are bashing the hell out of Milo Yiannopoulos simply because he got a book deal and libtards are losing their shit over it. Milo is a gay conservative who writes columns at Breitbart News. For the last 8 years under the Obama presidency, it was considered “homophobic” if you opposed gay marriage or homosexuality overall. Well liberals are bashing the hell out of Milo ’cause he’s a gay conservative. Liberals thought the homosexual lifestyle were for liberals only but they thought wrong. Maybe this is why liberals are losing their shit ’cause they’ve never seen a gay conservative before. Yes, gay conservatives are real and they are out there. There are gays that oppose “gay marriage” and Milo is one of them.

I thought liberals were all about “equality for all”??? They are such champions for gays and Milo is everything liberals want but they are bashing him for his “conservative” beliefs? I always knew that their “equality for all” thing was such a joke. Gay rights should go both ways, not on one side of the spectrum.

Liberals bashing Milo cause he’s a gay conservative… funny ’cause these are the same people who goes after Donald Trump and his supporters ’cause they think we hate “homosexuals”. They are hating someone who is “gay”. I think liberals are just surprised to find out we don’t hate gays ’cause we are a fan of Milo and he’s a Trump supporter. They’re just so used to seeing the LGBT community being strictly for the liberal community which isn’t really. They are shocked to find out that gay conservatives do exist after all.

Once again, liberals being exposed for the hypocrites like they are. They fought so hard to get people to stop hating gays, yet they are hating on someone who is gay now. Liberals should be in jail for hate crime and they need to get banned off the internet too. I’m offended and they need to be stopped. They are homophobic, bigoted and hateful losers.


Breitbart is picking up more traffic and even more popularity ’cause they are real news… that’s why liberals are trying to take ’em down…

While most of the entire MSM have turned into the new tabloids, there are still some real journalists left and Breitbart News is one of them. The site was founded and started by Andrew Breitbart in 2007 which was 9 years ago. Breitbart suddenly died mysteriously in 2012 and it was allegedly to be “heart failure”. Even though Breitbart passed on, Breitbart news continued without him. Before Donald Trump ran for president, the site wasn’t all that well-known before but ever since Trump announced his presidency that site picked up a lot of traffic. Why do you think that is? It’s because Breitbart News is one of the few real journalists left other than InfoWars and Matt Drudge. More and more people are getting sick and tired of the liberal biased MSM which is dishonest most of the time. People are sick of dishonest news. That’s why most Americans have been going to Breitbart News. Ever since President Trump won the election on Nov. 8th, it was Trump that helped get the site even more popularity.

Sure enough, I see the liberal media calling it a “right-wing” site aka “alt-right” is what I’m seeing them calling Breitbart News. Was it Breitbart News that helped get Trump elected? I would say they were a huge part of it! It’s really funny to see the MSM accuse Breitbart of being a lapdog for Trump when the hypocritical MSM are nothing but lapdogs for Obama and Hillary.

Trump is upsetting those liberal crybabies so much that these companies are pulling out of teaming up with Breitbart News.

First Apple takes down the Breitbart app from the Itunes store:

Report: Apple Purges Breitbart News App From iTunes Store

Now the Kellogg company is no longer advertising with Breitbart News:


No surprise that Apple would do something like this ’cause I always knew that Apple is a die-hard liberal company. As far as boycotting Kellogg goes, sounds like a good idea. I don’t really eat anything from Kellogg anyways — well, except for Special K cereal once in a while on the weekends when I don’t feel like cooking anything for breakfast but I think I’ll stop eating Special K for good, though. I mostly eat eggs and oatmeal for breakfast anyways.

Liberals are getting pissed at Breitbart ’cause they know they are real news. Breitbart don’t lie about anything. Not from what I’ve seen. I think Breitbart is great. I predict that several years from now sites like Breitbart, Infowars and The Drudge Report will become the new MSM. Soon they’ll get their own shows for cable TV and all that stuff so I hope they keep up the good work.


Notice that Alternative news sites are getting more popular than the MSM?

Have you guys noticed something? I’m noticing that alternative news sites like Breitbart News, InfoWars and The Drudge Report are becoming more popular. Hillary calls it the “Alt-right”, whatever that means but I don’t think so. I look at alternative news sites as real journalism. Think about why a lot more Americans are turning toward to Breitbart, Infowars and the Drudge? Simply because those three sites I mentioned are more honest and real than the mainstream media. That’s what the American people want, you see. We want to see “real” journalism. Not the fake bullshit that you see get reported in the MSM like CNN, NBC or the Washington Post.

That’s pretty much where I get my political info is from the alternative news sources. If you still take the mainstream media seriously then I don’t know what to say. The alternative news sites are getting a new movement for sure. That stuff is getting under Hillary’s skin ’cause she’s trying to call out the “alt-right” for mentioning her bad health.

Hillary’s trying to brainwash us into thinking that Hillary’s bad health is fake news aka “conspiracy theory”. Really? It’s pretty easy to spot that Hillary is in bad health. That’s why she has a stool at every one of her speeches ’cause she can barely stand. That’s why her speaking voice is getting scratchier and scratchier. Hillary looks tired speaking on stage. You can see her get into a coughing fit a lot too. She’ll have her handlers give her a syringe shot. If you want to know why Hillary wears those ugly grandma pants is ’cause she’s trying to hide a “catheter” on her right leg.

I think pretty soon that the Alt-right news scene will get bigger than the MSM. As a matter of fact alternative news has already gotten bigger. We’re just sick of dishonest journalism is why. The Alternative news sites does a better job reporting “real” news which is what we all want to see. Honest journalism may be dead but not quite. There are still a few real journalists around.