Breitbart is picking up more traffic and even more popularity ’cause they are real news… that’s why liberals are trying to take ’em down…

While most of the entire MSM have turned into the new tabloids, there are still some real journalists left and Breitbart News is one of them. The site was founded and started by Andrew Breitbart in 2007 which was 9 years ago. Breitbart suddenly died mysteriously in 2012 and it was allegedly to be “heart failure”. Even though Breitbart passed on, Breitbart news continued without him. Before Donald Trump ran for president, the site wasn’t all that well-known before but ever since Trump announced his presidency that site picked up a lot of traffic. Why do you think that is? It’s because Breitbart News is one of the few real journalists left other than InfoWars and Matt Drudge. More and more people are getting sick and tired of the liberal biased MSM which is dishonest most of the time. People are sick of dishonest news. That’s why most Americans have been going to Breitbart News. Ever since President Trump won the election on Nov. 8th, it was Trump that helped get the site even more popularity.

Sure enough, I see the liberal media calling it a “right-wing” site aka “alt-right” is what I’m seeing them calling Breitbart News. Was it Breitbart News that helped get Trump elected? I would say they were a huge part of it! It’s really funny to see the MSM accuse Breitbart of being a lapdog for Trump when the hypocritical MSM are nothing but lapdogs for Obama and Hillary.

Trump is upsetting those liberal crybabies so much that these companies are pulling out of teaming up with Breitbart News.

First Apple takes down the Breitbart app from the Itunes store:

Report: Apple Purges Breitbart News App From iTunes Store

Now the Kellogg company is no longer advertising with Breitbart News:

No surprise that Apple would do something like this ’cause I always knew that Apple is a die-hard liberal company. As far as boycotting Kellogg goes, sounds like a good idea. I don’t really eat anything from Kellogg anyways — well, except for Special K cereal once in a while on the weekends when I don’t feel like cooking anything for breakfast but I think I’ll stop eating Special K for good, though. I mostly eat eggs and oatmeal for breakfast anyways.

Liberals are getting pissed at Breitbart ’cause they know they are real news. Breitbart don’t lie about anything. Not from what I’ve seen. I think Breitbart is great. I predict that several years from now sites like Breitbart, Infowars and The Drudge Report will become the new MSM. Soon they’ll get their own shows for cable TV and all that stuff so I hope they keep up the good work.



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