Trump to nominate Sarah Palin for V.A.??? Oh man, I hope so!!!

I predicted that Sarah Palin could be a part of Trump’s cabinet somehow. It looks like she maybe getting a big role. I can’t think of anything better for Palin other than the V.A. which is just perfect for her. She cares for our veterans more than anybody out there so this position would be perfect for her. I really hope Trump picks Sarah for his cabinet and then Trump can drive the Palin haters mad.

So far, Trump’s cabinet picks are really good but I’ll have to admit that I hope Trump doesn’t get General Petraeus and Mitt Romney in. Those two guys are not to be trusted at all. Why you shouldn’t trust Petraeus? Well he is a Benghazi witness for starters (testified twice for Trey Gowdy) and plus he’s on probation for leaking confidential stuff to his mistress. I’m sure Trump won’t pick them, though because I’m sure he doesn’t want to upset America.

With that being said, though, I hope he gets Palin in. Those two have been friendly with each other for years so you shouldn’t have been surprised to see Trump maybe getting Palin for his cabinet.


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