Milo Yiannopoulos lands book deal, “Dangerous” to be released March 14th…

I would definitely buy this book. I’ve been a big fan of Milo for a long while now. When this book comes out in stores, I wonder how many book stores in America will refuse to sell it? I’m feeling that some bookstores will ban the book just like some did to Dinesh D’ Souza.

The question you to have to ask is this, will Milo’s book titled, “Dangerous” become a huge bestseller? Oh yes, absolutely it would! I think it’ll sell big ’cause Milo is very popular. Milo is as big as Donald Trump so it’ll probably sell huge. So if you think it won’t sell and you think it could bomb in sales then you’re delusional.

I’m definitely gonna buy it when it comes out ’cause I’ve been reading Milo’s columns on Breitbart for a long while and I follow his youtube channel. He’s an entertaining as hell guy. Love how he tells the truth about Islam, Black Lives Matter and all that stuff.

I think it’s crazy that he got banned off of twitter over Leslie Jones in which he didn’t deserve that at all. It’s just that twitter hates conservatives and Donald Trump supporters. Period.

What got me interested in Milo? I started supporting him after the Florida nightclub shooting and that’s when Milo started telling the truth that Islam oppresses gays. That was when Milo’s popularity skyrocketed.

I’m looking forward to reading the book and I’ll buy it on hardcover when it comes out. It’s gonna be a good read for sure. I’ve been reading Milo’s columns on Breitbart, saw a few of his public speeches in youtube so I already know he’s interesting. I agree with most everything he says. He nails it on the head every time. Big fan of this guy! Congrats to him on the new book. I’m sure it will sell big!


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