To those liberal losers who think the election was decided by racists, here’s a tweet you’ll enjoy!!!

Thank you, Lori Hendry!

This tweet is so right on. I agree with it 100%. So liberals want to believe that this election was decided by racists. Libtards believe Donald Trump is a racist so now that we all voted for Trump then we must be racist too, haha.

Seriously, though, we’r all getting tired and getting fed up of getting called racist. I’ve been called “racist” too many times by libtards. The term “racist” is getting old. That’s why we got Donald Trump ’cause of the politically correct zombies. When Jan. 20th comes, political correctness will finally come to an end and we’ll be able to speak our minds without getting called “racist” all the fucking time. I know I’m getting tired of it. If you disagree with anything that black people say or do, you’re a racist. If you oppose Islam, you’re a racist. If you don’t like illegal aliens, you’re a racist. blah blah blah, you get the deal.

Liberals are obsessed with that term “racist”. That’s all they got when they can’t win a debate. When they know they lost a debate that’s when they call you racist. The term racist is getting old and it’s time for people to stop using it. I don’t have a racist bone in my body at all and it’s interesting that people call me that anyways. LIberals are obsessed with calling people racist ’cause that’s how the MSM controls them. It’s real sad that liberals try to make conservatives look like racists when they seem to forget that Democrats started racism. Liberals seem to forget that the KKK was started by Democrats. They also seem to forget that their liberal hero president Franklin D. Roosevelt was a racist.

That’s why liberals lost the election ’cause of their behavior toward people. Their intolerance toward people is why they lost. It is why the left is losing power. We’re done with the left’s bullshit. Want to know why the left gets made fun of all the time? It’s because of their intolerance which is why their “equality” and “human rights” campaigning is such a joke. They claim to love people of all kinds? Well I’m not seeing that at all when all they’re going to do is hating on conservatives all the time. When Jan. 20th comes, that comes to an end and it’s time to unify the country. It’s long overdue!


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