Most of the MSM refuses to say Milo Yiannopoulos is gay when reporting about the Berkeley College violence at his speaking event…

Once again, the left spent years fighting so hard defending gays but they attack Milo Yiannopoulos who happens to be a gay guy. I thought they wanted “equality for all” but unless a gay person is conservative and a Trump supporter, they’re not allowed “equality”. While the liberal MSM is reporting about violence at Berkeley College, they of course refuse to call it what it really is, “a riot” (it’s not a protest).

Most of the media refuses to say what Milo’s sexual orientation is but when they do bring up his homosexuality, they attack him like this article here:

I’ve repeatedly stated before that I’ve always thought the left’s “equality for all” was such a joke. “Equality for all” should go both ways even for gays with different political beliefs.

There’s no reason to invade Milo events. The only reason he’s being attacked is ’cause he’s a Trump supporter and that’s it, really. They’re also scared of him ’cause he’s a gay conservative which they’ve never seen before.

While the riots at Trump and Milo events are horrible and they need to stop, Trump needs to do something about George Soros. George Soros is the one funding these riots and he’s in charge of them. Soros needs to be locked up. Why won’t President Trump mention Soros or why won’t Trump say Soros is behind the riots? Trump probably doesn’t know who’s behind the riots yet. Well he should know. Everybody knows Soros is behind them all.

The left better be careful when they attack Milo events. This will solve nothing for them. The only thing that will happen is that this will help make Milo become a best selling author. He has a book coming out called, “Dangerous” which is about to hit bookstores in March. I am absolutely buying this book when it comes out in March:

I see nothing wrong with Milo. Trying to wake people up and saying all the same things we’ve all been thinking.



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