The MSM thinks”Liberalism” is for blacks and gays but they fail at that goal…

A lot of people out there are having a hard time seeing that there are black conservatives and gay conservatives out there in this country. It may not seem like it but yes, there are black conservatives and gay conservatives in this country. A lot of people think Liberalism is for blacks and gays but it’s not always going to be like that. Deal with it. Nobody knows about some blacks and some gays being “conservative” but they do exist.

That’s why liberals become so shocked and get all scared when they find out that there are black conservatives out there such as Dr. Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Sheriff Clarke, Pastor Mark Burns, Stacy Dash and others.

And there are gay conservatives out there … so far the most well-known gay conservative I can think of are Milo Yiannopoulos and Peter Thiel. Maybe throw in Caitlyn Jenner in that list too, I would think.

It’s funny ya know, whenever the left finds out there are black and gay conservatives… they can’t find a way to call them “racist” or “homophobes”. That’s why the media and liberals are calling Milo an “extremist”and “white nationalist” ’cause they can’t find a way to call him a “homophobe”. So they think of other ways to call him names and make him look bad.

The MSM tries to make “liberalism” just for a certain group of people but they fail at that goal ’cause there are all kinds of other people with all kinds of political views. The media needs to realize that not everyone sees the world the same way they do and it’s one of the reasons why we’re all getting fed up with their shit.

Media tries so hard to fight for peace and love for “blacks” but when a black guy happens to be a conservative, the media is like, “Oh no, he’s a bad person”. Then they waste all their time trying to smear him ’cause of his conservative views. Isn’t that kind of racist to bash a black person ’cause of his/her conservative views?

The same thing with the media and liberals that try to destroy Milo and Peter Thiel, isn’t that kind of homophobic?

This country makes it seem like that being “conservative” is like a bad thing. I try not to view myself as a “conservative” guy but I guess I am pretty conservative and quite proud of it, really. I’ve gotten treated badly by a lot of people ’cause of my conservative views, yes. Shame on the media, I totally blame it on them.

We don’t make fun of liberals for their intolerance for no reason. I used to have left-leaning views in the past during the Bush years but my views started to change when Obama became president. That’s when I became a conservative ’cause Barack Obama helped make me become one, lol. The way liberalism is now, I don’t want to see myself as a liberal at all. I feel sorry for liberals today. They’re all being brainwashed by the MSM which is sad to see. I try my best to tell liberals not to believe the MSM but sure enough, they don’t listen to me. It’s real sad that they only listen to the MSM and not real people like us.

Anyways, back to black and gay conservatives… not a lot of people know they exist ’cause the MSM refuses to let people know. Why? Because it’ll make liberalism look bad. They want to protect liberalism and make it look good most of the time. It’s messed up, I know. It’ll mess up their views of “race relations” and “equality” goals if they did let people know they exist.

A lot of people in facebook, man… they don’t know that Milo is gay. They know that Milo was supposed to host a speaking event at Berkeley but if the MSM said he is a gay conservative, that would have freaked out liberals in social networking. That’s why they’re silent on his orientation.

Our media is so corrupt and dishonest. Can’t you see it? If you take everything they say seriously then you’re not very smart at all.





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