Just bought a couple of books for my Ipad that would help with my DAW music recording…

So today, I just bought a couple of books that could help me a lot with DAW recording. I’ll admit that I’m not the best at DAW recording but I could learn to do it better. A lot of musicians would just record bits and bits of riffs and things like that and edit it them together. I tried to do it like that but it’s hard to do. That’s why I’ve always liked to record the song live… play it all the way through while it’s recording. I love recording songs “live” in DAW but I should record songs the other way… record bits and bits of piece and put them together. I gotta learn how to use DAW like a pro. I’ve always saw DAW as a tool to get songs out of me. I didn’t care about sound quality or editing or anything like that but I should. So I just got a couple of books that would help me

I just got these to read on my Ipad:

Making Music With GarageBand and Mixcraft:


Music Theory For Computer Musicians:


I already know quite a bit of music theory and have most of it memorized but there’s still a lot of stuff I gotta learn. The “Music Theory For Computer Musicians” would help me with MIDI instruments when multi-tracking other instruments, ya know?

I really need to learn how to use DAW like a pro ’cause once again, I admittedly suck at these things. I’m also gonna learn mixing and mastering all by myself too. Well, there is a guy that I know who actually went to college for music “producing” so maybe I’ll have him help me out some.

I just want to record the best sounding music possible. So I’m gonna do some researching and studying. Figure out how to do all this myself. I will always be a “self-taught” kind of guy ’cause I like that better.

As for learning the piano/keyboards, that’s going really well too. I want to get good at piano/keyboards before I get myself a MIDI controller. Piano is not all that hard after all. Just gotta practice and stick with it just like you stick with everything else.




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