Drum programming in Acoustica Mixcraft looks pretty easy, I’ll be able to add drums to my songs with no problem!

Ever since I upgraded to the full version of Acoustica Mixcraft 8 DAW software, I’ve been trying to mess with drum programming on it. Trying to figure out how I would add drums to my songs. It seems they make it easy for ya.

As long as you have a sense of rhythm and understanding timing — also, having an understanding of reading drum notation, you should be good.


I have a drummer’s instructional book so I can learn how to create basic rock beats with that. I could probably get drum beats of what I’m hearing in my head to recording easily. I’m still planning on getting Superior Drummer or ToonTrack EZ Drummer sometime down the road but I’ll start off with what I have now.

Even though I want to start writing and recording full band rock tracks, I will still make acoustic music, though. With my acoustic songs I can add all kinds of various instruments on those type of songs like bongos, congas, cellos, saxophones and all kinds of stuff. There are all kinds of percussion instruments on here that I can mess with.

I like Mixcraft a lot. Think I’m definitely gonna stick with this DAW. I’m new to this software so it’s gonna take a while for me to get good with it.

I’m also gonna teach myself mixing and mastering as well ’cause I want the best sounding music as possible. I remember in the past when I was recording on other DAW’s, I had trouble trying to get the MP3 to sound loud after rendering. That’s probably ’cause I’ve been rendering unmastered tracks. If I want the songs to sound loud after rendering to MP3, I need to learn how to master. That’s the whole point of mastering I believe. I’m gonna teach myself mixing and mastering by reading books about it. I’ve been googling about that stuff too.

I’m tired of recording on DAW with just my voice and acoustic guitar. Time to do some creative stuff with my music this time around.


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