Can’t really support Milo anymore, think I’m pretty much done with him…

I really can’t support Milo anymore and can’t really defend him either. Many are claiming (including Milo) that the video that got leaked was edited by media but it doesn’t seem like it was edited to me. Here’s the full and original podcast on video and Milo talks about that at about 2:20 in that video. Milo clearly said that him having sex with that priest was “consensual”.

He definitely did seem to have no problem with older men having sexual relations with young boys of minor age and then when this controversy broke out in the media… Milo seems to be backpedaling immediately and now playing the innocent victim.

Whether this was considered “pedophilia” or not, either way it’s still sick and still illegal. It’s still “statutory rape” even if his sexual relations with the priest was consensual, the priest still should have been arrested.

I don’t know why all these conservatives and Trump supporters are defending Milo ’cause I can’t. I’m done supporting Milo, I think. I had to dislike his FB and I won’t buy his book either if he happens to find a new publisher.

He had my back for a long while ever since he got physically assaulted by a Black Lives Matter supporter at one of his events from last year (remember that?), I also had his back when he got banned off twitter for writing a Ghostbusters review and stood behind him behind all the riots for his speaking events but I’m gonna give up on him and let him fight his own battle. He’s on his own.

I know I might lose some respect from some Trump supporters out there and conservatives but I don’t give a shit. It’s about being real and having common sense, ya know?

Defending Milo for this is pretty hard and difficult. I don’t think I’ll write about him anymore and this will be the last time. It’s time to focus on other things like “Making America Great Again”.



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