Why facebook is full of drama, soap opera and personal shit? I believe that’s what Mark Zuckerberg created it for…

Why is there is so much drama, soap opera and personal shit by people in facebook? I think it’s really because that’s what Mark Zuckerberg created FB for in the first place. He wanted people to post everything about themselves for his own personal amusement? Just to get entertained by something?

FB is full of drama and soap opera everyday. It’s crazy. Women ranting about how shitty men are in dating. Men ranting about how shitty women are in dating. There are plenty of couples online who won’t keep their relationship private… couples have to keep showing their love for each other publicly rather than keep it privately when it should be. Relationships shouldn’t be made public but people do it anyways. There’s also all kinds of drama with your own family members and friends too.

When it comes to political posts, people can get all dramatic over this stuff too. It’s like, you can’t post your opinions in politics anymore ’cause people will get offended at everything.

I don’t use facebook to get into drama and I don’t use FB to post personal stuff. I use my FB for entertainment and for my own amusement really. I don’t even know why I’m still there. I almost left a couple of times last year. I use my FB to give my opinions on things and to speak my mind like what it’s here for. I like speak on politics a lot, write movie reviews, talk about music, talk about wrestling, etc. The usual topics just like this blog.

People can be really weird and wacky as hell in FB too. It shows how people really are in the real world. I know a lot of people deactivated FB for the reasons I explained above which I can’t blame them.

People are fucking nuts on FB fo sure. Why? People would do anything for attention really… to get more friends count, more FB likes and things like that. That’s probably a huge part of why people get all dramatic ’cause they love the attention. Honestly, you can’t really trust a lot of people in FB… including those you know in your own FB friends list. In FB, you’ll get stabbed in the back by a lot of people and all that stuff. People come and go in my FB all the time, that’s the way it is.

Honestly, I don’t really care what goes on in other people’s FB ’cause I only focus on my own. I’m thinking about leaving FB again, though ’cause I can’t take it anymore. I like twitter a lot more than FB ’cause twitter is better and twitter is less dramatic too.

Once again, I can’t blame people for leaving FB a lot ’cause it fucking sucks. Always did. I’m still there ’cause I have a few very close friends that I keep in touch with all the time and it wouldn’t be fair for them if I left.


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