Liberals are probably losing their minds that gays are for Trump now…

If you believe Bernie, Hillary and Obama are a friend to the LGBT community… you are sadly mistaken. They don’t care about the gay community at all. Bernie, Hillary and Obama are using the LGBT as a way to stay in power and that’s all they care about. Those three I mentioned apparently has sided with the Muslims over gay people. That’s why the LGBT crowd is upset at those three. It’s why gays have turned their backs on Bernie, Hillary and Obama. They are realizing that Trump has more respect for the gay community than anyone out there.

I know I’ve been all over this lately about gays supporting Trump and waking up about Islam so you’re probably thinking, “I’m starting to worry about Brock”. Like I said before, I’m not gay at all and 100% straight but I just find it amazing that gays has turned their back on liberals. It’s just incredible stuff so for that reason, I’m supporting the LGBT community even more. Even though I still disagree with gay marriage, I’ll still support the gays ’cause I respect them for waking up about Islam.

I’ve noticed that liberals have decided to stick with Muslims instead of the gay community which is predictable. Liberals thought conservatives hated gays but they’re finally realizing that we don’t. Us conservatives support our gay people in this country and it’s driving liberals crazy. They thought the “LGBT” thing was a liberal thing but not really. It doesn’t matter what your political views are to support gays.


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