How to deal with negative & crazy people, just don’t change for anyone! Be yourself!

Remember in the old days, people used to get onto to me about how bad of a person I am online? They gotta be like, “Brock is such a horrible person”, “He’s such a troll”, “Brock is an asshole & a bully”, “Brock is a negative person”, etc. blah blah blah blah, I think you get the deal. I still go through that shit right now. People has been trying to change me for over a decade just because they don’t like who I am. Well guess what? I am who I am. What you see is what you get. People call me a “negative” person all the time but I don’t listen to their garbage. I don’t see myself as negative at all as I’ve always been a very positive person, thank you. I can be very positive if you let me. If you see me being negative to someone then chances are that person probably deserved it. When people take shots at me first that’s when I’ll take shots back. I usually don’t start things with people unless they start things with me. That’s how I am, you see. When all people want to do is criticize me for no reason, I’ll have no problem to criticize them back. I always found it weird that when people decide to criticize you then you decide to do it back to them that makes you a bad person? People can say bad things about you all they want to but when you do the same, you can’t do that? I do like people and all but I’m not gonna lie that people can be messed up and weird sometimes.

That’s why I just gave up trying to please others. If you have so many people criticizing you and bashing you ’cause they don’t like the way you are, fuck ’em. Don’t change for anyone. One thing I never did is call out people for who they are. People still attack me for who I am but I don’t care. I’m not gonna worry about what people think of me anymore and I’ve had that attitude for a long while now. Be who you wanna be and fuck everybody, ya know?

If people don’t like your attitude or don’t like the way you act, fuck ’em. It’s your prerogative of how you want to act or who you wanna be. It’s interesting how people continue dictate of how I should act and how I should not act. What’s wrong with being yourself? What’s wrong with being who you wanna be? You may get people trying to change you but don’t ’cause there will be a handful of other people who will respect you for not changing.

I’ve been the same old Brock for years and shouldn’t have listened to anyone’s bullshit. It’s a good attitude to have is to not listen to what anyone thinks of you. I used to worry about who dislikes me and all that stuff but these days I don’t worry about “haters”. Some people say I usually start things and deserve the haters but it’s not really true. Some people out there are just assholes and that’s it. It’s a good way to be positive is not listen to the “haters”. It makes me feel good and makes me happier by not listening to people and be myself.

You should have the same attitude. I’m not interested in negativity and drama anymore like I used to be. There are still way too many dramatic people these days, that’s for sure. I don’t want any part of it. Just want to play my music, enjoy life and that’s all I care about.



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