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Many music artists sign “open letter” in favor of gun control… hypocrites… ALL OF THEM!!!

I hate it when libtard celebrities and music artists join in on the fight for “gun control” bandwagon. A lot of music artists that you love wrote an open letter and many music artists signed it. Take a look at the list of artists that signed the letter, a lot of your favorites are probably on here: Alanis Morrissette, Barbara Streisand, Beck, Sting, Billy Joel, Bob Weir, Elvis Costello, Bonnie Raitt, Eddie Vedder, Cher, Iggy Pop, Rivers Cuomo, Joan Jett, etc. The list keeps going.

Conan O’ Brien even signed it.


They’re all hypocrites, all of ’em ’cause I’m sure many of these artists have armed bodyguards everywhere they go and armed security at their concerts. Really fuck ’em.

I’m no fan of most of those people on there anyways except I’m still a fan of Billy Joel, Joan Jett and the Grateful Dead but I’ll still support them for their music… not their left-wing political views.


Trump wasn’t congratulating himself over Orlando, you bunch of dumbasses, geeez…

Trump posted that tweet several days ago and the dumb NeverTrump crowd is still going off about this. The media and the NeverTrump crowd claimed that Trump was congratulating himself about Islamic terrorism when it comes to the Orlando attack.

If you actually read what he’s saying, he doesn’t want to hear all the congrats about him being “right”. Instead he wants people to be more tough, vigilance and smart. I don’t see how he’s being a selfish egomaniac in that post when he’s simply looking out for us, ya know?

It’s bullshit that people have to act this way but each time Trump opens his mouth, people gotta be like, “Oh no… Trump said something so offensive”, “Oh no, Trump sad something wrong”, “Oh no, Trump said this and Trump said that”. They know he said nothing wrong, they just gotta hate, hate, hate. That’s all they can do. It’s real sad that the NeverTrump crowd have to worry about everything Trump says when they should focus on things that really matter like getting our country back.


Prayers go out to Orlando, FL… media pisses me off so much…

So a Muslim gunman and registered Democrat goes in a gay bar called Pulse in Orlando Florida and kills & injured a bunch of people in the LGBT community. Like usual the dishonest media won’t call things like they really are. Media won’t call it “Islamic terrorism” and they won’t say who the victims really are. In other words, the media won’t say that the victims were gays, lesbians and transgenders partying at Pulse. That’s why you won’t see liberals mention LGBT when it comes to the Orlando gay bar shooting. Most of the mainstream media keep calling it a “Nightclub” which is actually a gay bar.

And also, liberals want to accuse Conservatives like me of being “homophobic” which is totally untrue. Us “right-wingers” do care about the LGBT community and after this shooting, makes me want to care about the LGBT even more.

I hate the media so much. Like usual liberals keep blaming guns when they refuse to admit that Islamic terrorism is responsible. It’s been widely known for years that Muslims kill people for being gay. Example of this is that Iran hangs people for being gay. It’s against the law to be gay in a Muslim country like Iran.

Why aren’t I seeing liberals putting the rainbow in their profiles to honor the Orlando victims? It’s because the liberal media refuses to say who the victims are. They don’t want it known that Muslims kills homosexuals. That’s why they refuse to say LGBT and Islamic Terrorism. Media refuses to call it “terrorism” but instead they call it “mass” shooting which is dumb.

I get called “homophobic” all the time by stupid liberals but I’m not “homophobic” at all. I care for gay people, for sure. Like I said above, this shooting makes me want to care for them even more.

I think it’s finally time for the gay community to turn their back on Obama, Hillary and other liberal politicians. I think the gay community should support Trump now.