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Report: Adam Sandler is set to star in “Candyland” movie, while Hasbro is in negotiations with Universal to switch film to Sony instead…

I used to be a big Adam Sandler fan, but I lost interest in the guy because his movie choices as of late has been really weird. I stopped watching Adam Sandler movies after “Punch Drunk Love” in 2002. “Punch Drunk Love” was a great movie, it was his best performance, but everything else he did after that film, what happened to him? I loved all of Adam’s comedies in the 90’s. I loved, “Billy Madison”, “Happy Gilmore”, “The Waterboy”, “Big Daddy” was good, and so was, “Anger Management”. Most of his new movie roles have been garbage lately and I have no interest in seeing, “Jack and Jill”.

He’s still a good guy and funny as hell, but I wish he would get back to choosing good movies again and him agreeing to do, “Candyland”, is even more questionable.

The Hollywood Reporter, reports.

I used to play the “Candyland”, board game a lot when I was a kid. I won’t judge the movie when not seeing the trailer yet though.


Report: “Transformers 4 & 5” to star Jason Statham?

The third installment to the Transformers trilogy, “Dark of the Moon”, was originally going to be the final film of the series. Due to the huge box office success of the third film, it’s no surprise they are going to keep going with the franchise after this. Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay are in early negotiations to discuss plans to shoot, “Transformers 4 & 5” back to back.

Only thing though, Shia Labeouf, the series main star will not return for the next films. They are very interested in action star, Jason Statham, to star the leading role instead.

Read the full story, here.

I hated the first Transformers movie and the second one, but the third one I actually loved a lot. They did a great job with the 3rd movie, “Dark of the Moon”, it was a great improvement.

I always thought Shia Labeouf was the wrong actor to play in these movies and they are finally starting to understand it. Jason Statham is a better choice. I’m a huge Transformers fan, I just want the movies to be better. I like Jason Statham. I enjoy a lot of his movies. He’s a great action star of this generation.


Report: Not only a bunch of Hasbro board games are coming to the big screen, toys like Barbie, Hot Wheels, He-Man, etc., are also coming…

It seems that Hollywood can make a movie based on everything these days. A while back, Hasbro board  game company has collaborated with Hollywood studios to make their board games into films like “Monopoly”, “Candyland”, “Battleship”, “Ouija Board”, etc. Just recently legendary film director, Ridley Scott has been signed to helm the “Monopoly” movie. All of this was because of the successful “Transformers” film directed by Michael Bay and stars Shia Labeouf.

More famous toys have been greenlit to be made in live action motion pictures. Of course, everyone knows that there is a “Masters of the Universe” re-boot in the works which the script is being written by Justin Marks. The new “Masters of the Universe” film will be helmed by Joel Silver.

Warner Bros. has a “Hot Wheels” movie in the works which the script is written by Matt Nixx. There is also a “Barbie” live action movie in the works which will be based on the iconic doll that has been around since 1959, a Barbie doll toy that is aimed toward toddler girls.

There is also all kinds of iconic toys of all times being made into films.

See the article here at Variety:


I definitely am looking forward to the new “He-Man” flick, I hope they make the new “He-Man” movie better than the Dolph Lundgren version.

Hate the Barbie toys or love ’em, I think the Barbie movie will be good for the little daughters for those who have families out there if they make the film right for the kids to enjoy. It’s nothing I would see of course, but for you parents out there who have a little daughter, hope Hollywood makes the film enjoyable for the parents to see also.

I can see the Hot Wheels movie being a good action movie ride depending on what the story is to that one.

These toys and board games being made into films is interesting to me and I’m looking forward to seeing how they are going to pull these off. They already tried it with “Clue” that stars Tim Curry and that was a great film too.


Confirmed: Ridley Scott to helm the “Monopoly” movie!!!

Ridley Scott is on board to direct and produce the “Monopoly” movie with Hasbro-Universal Studios, Pamela Pettler will write the screenplay. About a year ago, the Hasbro board game company made a deal with Universal Studios to make movies based on legendary board games such as “Monopoly”, “Candyland”, etc.. “Monopoly” is the first to get the greenlight.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:


Hmmmm, how much do you want to bet that Ridley Scott is going to get Russell Crowe to play the guy with the top hat and white mustache? Wouldn’t surprise me. Ridley Scott seems to love Russell Crowe as they did quite a few films together.